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First-Time Ear Piercing for Kids: Things to Know

First Time Ear Piercing for Kids

Piercing your baby’s ear can be a tough decision as there are many factors to consider, such as the metal of the earring, the design, screw-back vs loop earrings, among others. As discussed in our previous blog, babies have sensitive ears, so you need to factor that in when choosing earrings. Getting a piercing is an Indian tradition that numerous families have followed for generations. Some parents may prefer having their children’s ears pierced shortly after birth. While others like to wait a few months before getting the piercing done.

Below we have provided in-depth information on first-time ear piercing to help parents make an informed decision.

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1. What is the Best Time to Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

There is no such thing as the best time to pierce a child’s ears. It all depends on individual preferences. Generally, getting a piercing for your baby’s ear in infancy is not advisable. Instead, wait till the child has received their first-two tetanus shots. It is usually when a baby is around four months old.

  • Ear piercings are safe at any age as long as you use the right method along with sterilised equipment.
  • Post ear-piercing, parents must follow the after-care instructions diligently to ensure faster, worry-free healing.
  • If you want your child to decide, wait until they are 9-10 years old to ask the question. The older the child is, the more responsible they will be in taking care of their ears and keeping their studs clean.

2. Who Should Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

First-time ear piercing should be done by a professional. First aid kits should be available at hand. However, most families prefer their traditional piercers for piercing their baby’s ears. If you are still confused, ask friends & family for ear piercing advice, and then decide.

3. Choosing the Right Ear Piercing Method

When it comes to the ear-piercing process, there are two methods: using a gun or a needle.
The thought of a needle piercing can be scary, but experts recommend being cautious against getting your child’s ear pierced by a gun since they aren’t disposable. Spring-loaded guns may damage ear tissue and cartilage.

Having said that, the final decision is based on personal preference. Numerous people prefer getting their ears pierced with a gun as it is accessible and quick. Most jewellery stores and salons also use this method.

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4. Possible Risks of Getting Your Baby’s Ears Pierced

Some of the risks of piercing ears are:

  • Bleeding
  • Post-traumatic tears which may happen with dangling earrings
  • Deformation of the auricle
  • Embedded backings

Infections can occur after piercing the ear. Some of the reasons for it could be:

  • Unsterilised tools
  • Touching ears with unclean hands
  • Not keeping the pierced ears clean
  • Tight earrings
  • Removing or changing the earrings before it heals
  • Putting the earring at an incorrect angle

5. After-care Ear Piercing Tips for Babies

Consistent, good after-care can prevent infection. If you get your child’s ears pierced, allow them to heal. Here are some after-care steps to follow:

  • Rotate the earrings at least twice every day
  • Make use of a saltwater solution and sponge to clean the sensitive skin
  • Apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day to the piercing using a cotton ball
  • Do not change or remove the earring for the first two months after getting pierced
  • Before touching your child’s piercing, sanitise.
  • Ensure your child also keeps their hands clean & dry before touching their ears.

If your baby is young, keep their hands clean at all times since it may be challenging to prevent them from touching their ears. However, it is best to not play with the earrings until the wound has healed.

Note: It is advisable to refrain from removing any dry skin (scab) that forms over the wound.

6. Tips To Minimise Discomfort Post First-time Ear Piercing

Piercing ears, unfortunately, comes with some discomfort. To minimise the pain during the first-time ear piercing process, visit a professional to complete the procedure as quickly as possible.

You may be thinking about what to do before getting a piercing that can reduce the child’s pain?

  • Most professionals utilise an anaesthetic cream on the earlobe. It needs to be applied generously about 15 minutes before to numb the area and lessen the pain.
  • Another method is to use ICE. Applying an ice cube on the baby’s ears helps lower the sensitivity in that area for a short duration. It can be done right before the lobe is pierced.

Neither of the methods are extremely good at reducing the pain completely. The pain would intensify once the anaesthesia wears off. Hold your child’s hand and talk to her softly during the ear piercing process, and for older children, advise them to take deep breaths to calm down.

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#Latest Trending Gold Earrings For Babies

  • Knotted Bow Earrings: The knotted bow earrings would look elegant on your little girl’s dainty ears. These polka-dot earrings can be customised in her favourite colour. Let your little fashionista bring out the diva inside her as she prances around in confidence with these comfortable, lightweight bow earrings.
  • Butterfly Loop Earrings: These dazzling butterfly loop earrings could easily turn into an accessory that your little darling loves. Get your baby girl our trendy signature golden hoop 18kt gold earrings. These are customizable earrings that can be crafted to include your child’s favourite colour.
  • Unicorn Earrings: These earrings feature the unique mythical creature unicorn. This enchanting piece of jewellery is kid-friendly and looks vibrant. The gold unicorn earrings will showcase your child’s unique persona and help build self-confidence. These earrings are excellent for casual and daily wear.
  • Star Loop Earrings: Gift your child these exquisite tiny gold hoops that are lightweight and offers great comfort. No matter what colour you choose to customise these earrings, they are bound to look absolutely stunning. A highlight of these star hoop earrings is that they go well with every outfit i.e. they can be worn along with western or ethnic outfits.
  • Cupcake Earrings: As she munches on her favourite flavoured cupcake, let her enjoy wearing a replica of the same on her ears. You can customise these 18kt gold earrings. These cupcake earrings will have your child fawning over them as she marvels over their splendour.
  • Flower Earrings: Gift your baby girl lovely flower studs made by combining the tones of white with a contrasting yet light shade of blue. This graceful design would make the perfect gift for your little girl’s birthday.
  • Letter Earrings: These letter earrings are tasteful & elegant, and your baby girl would absolutely love them. Get a customised set for your kid with her initials. These small letter earrings come with a secure screwback that ensures your child doesn’t misplace them while playing.

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