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Buy Bracelets For Women and Men Online

From bracelets for Her and bracelets for Him to customised bracelets and everything in between and beyond, you can find a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones right here at Doodles. While we specialise in customised gold jewellery for kids, we also offer attractive jewellery options for adults on our website. If you are looking for dainty charm bracelets or classic design bracelets with adjustable clasp fastening, then you can browse through our huge collection that offers a wide range of styles.

Our intricately crafted custom bracelets with names is a luxurious gift that is simply irresistible. While the delicate style bracelets would look stunning on a women’s wrist, the handcrafted men’s bracelets will deliver a maximum impact, making the wearer stand out. No matter what design or style you pick, we can assure you an exemplary product that you are bound to cherish for a long time.

Our range of trending bracelets for women and men are made from 18kt gold and has a lustrous finish, which makes them an ideal keepsake. Just like our vast collection includes gold nazariyas for baby girl and baby boy, you too can place an order for a customised gold nazariya Mom-to-Be bracelet. Also, since we offer personalised bracelets for her/him, you can be assured of a bespoke look that will captivate the attention of everyone you meet.

The adult bracelets that we offer have superior brilliance and sparkle and can easily complement any outfit, which makes it the perfect jewellery for all occasions. Apart from Dad and Mom bracelets, which is an ideal gift for your parents, we also offer bracelets with children’s names engraved. In short, we have countless options available on our website; from contemporary and vintage styles to cute, sparkly and fun designs. So, take your pick and present your loved ones with a perfect gift that will make a special occasion a memorable moment.



The standard bracelet size for women is 7 inches and for men is 8 inches; however, most bracelets from Doodles come with a safety clasp which allows the wearer to adjust the size.

Start by measuring with a thread, cord or tape. Simply place the thread around your wrist tightly, and then mark where the chord intersects. Using a ruler, measure the length of the thread, and check the cm with the below list to know your bracelet size:

  • 16.0 – 16.90 cm – Small
  • 17.0-18.0 cm – Medium
  • 18.10-19.50 cm – Large

If you choose a bracelet too tight for your wrist, it will make your wrist appear bigger. However, if it’s too loose, it will keep rolling on your arm creating a problem for you. You may even end up dropping it if it is too loose for you. Thus, purchase a bracelet that fits you perfectly or allows you to slip two fingers comfortably into it.

Women mostly prefer to wear their gold bracelets on their right hand. Yet again, if you want to wear it on the left side, feel free to do so.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you choose the right bracelet for you:

  • Always select the correct size.
  • Choose a bracelet that matches your style.
  • Select a unique design for yourself by purchasing a personalised bracelet.