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Personalised Hand Mangalsutra Bracelet

The term “Mangalsutra” is a combination of two words, Mangal meaning ‘auspicious’ and Sutra meaning ‘sacred thread’. It signifies a holy & eternal union between a man and woman, indicating their love & commitment towards each other. It is also believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes while endowing the couple with longevity and prosperity. 

With changing times, the traditional mangalsutra has been given a contemporary twist through the hand mangalsutra design. At Doodles, we offer customisable hand mangalsutra bracelets for women that are ideal for daily wear. Made from gold, these hand mangalsutra bracelets feature black beads alongside charms, evil-eye, and initials. Their unique designs will surely make head turns wherever you go. Plus, unlike traditional mangalsutra, these personalised hand mangalsutra in gold is an excellent way for the wearer to show off their marital status. 

A perfect combination that shows respect to customs & rituals (through black beads), while giving it a personal touch (through charms and names), this minimalistic jewellery has become increasingly popular among women of all ages, especially young brides and would-be brides. Our widest range includes:

Double String Mangalsutra Bracelet with Alphabets

These are just a few hand mangalsutra designs in gold that we offer. But, with the customisable option, there is truly no end to designing a mangalsutra bracelet that is as unique as you.

Along with customised mangalsutra bracelets in gold, we also offer personalised adult bracelets for men and women in an array of patterns & designs. In addition, you can browse through our collection of lapel pins, kurta buttons, cufflinks, collar pins and nazariya bracelets. You can purchase from our ready-made jewellery designs or send us your designs & requirements, and we’ll design a piece of jewellery for you that is truly distinctive.



A traditional mangalsutra is worn around the neck, while a mangalsutra bracelet is worn around the wrist. A mangalsutra bracelet has traditional black beads and along with it, it can also include charms, evil-eye, the couple’s initials, among others.

Some of the trending mangalsutra bracelet designs are mangalsutra bracelets with alphabets, mangalsutra bracelets with evil-eye, and double string mangalsutra bracelets with charms. Browse through our collection to check out the trending mangalsutra bracelet designs.

Yes, we can. We can customise the mangalsutra bracelet as per your choice.

A mangalsutra bracelet is generally worn on the right hand. However, it can be worn on either hand as per individual choice.