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Personalized Bracelets For Kids & Adults

If you are looking for elegant and quirky kids bracelets that are ideal for all occasions, then customized gold bracelets from Doodles is just what you need. Available in different styles and designs, our exclusive bracelet collection will ‘Wow’ your kids, making them want to flaunt their precious gift. Made from 18k gold, our personalized gold bracelets are a perfect gift option for all – baby girl and baby boy alike.

The gold bracelets for girls include a variety of classic, contemporary, and inspiring designs & motifs that they are sure to treasure for life. The boys gold bracelets, on the other hand, includes different characters & shape that will look amazing on their wrist.

When it comes to designing personalised bracelets for kids, we ensure that they are colourful & fun and simple for daily wear. We ensure that the bracelets have no sharp edges, so they won’t hurt your little ones while playing. Also, all personalised bracelets include fun elements like geometric shapes, beautiful arts, cartoons, superheroes and more that complement your child’s personality.

Be it name bar bracelet or charm bracelet or nazariyas, our wide collection includes all these and more. Just like adults bracelets, we ensure that each bracelet we design are unique and sports a smooth finish. What’s more, these dainty bracelets might look delicate, but won’t break easily even if worn daily. Plus, they can be easily adjusted to give your kids a snug fit, so there is minimal chance of them losing it.

A perfect combination of class and charm, if you want to buy bracelets online that is hand-crafted with the finest material and won’t tarnish ever, then these gold bracelets are a great choice as they can be personalized to suit your needs.