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Our beautiful journey started on 1st September 2016 when Doodles was launched. Our brand was built out of the necessity for age-appropriate gifts for little girls and boys all around India.

Since the beginning of our civilization, gift-giving has been a way to strengthen our social connection and show our gratitude and appreciation. Every year, we spend a lot of time, effort, and money finding the right gift for the person we love. A gift that also suits the occasion.

The universal rules of gift-giving are:

  • It should be unique
  • It should be useful
  • It should be valuable

For years, we have resorted to gifting babies the same old jewellery. It’s either a gold Ginni or the quintessential yellow-black chains or kadas. So, we decided to create something more age-appropriate, but equally precious. I wanted to design something useful as well as stylish.

I have come up with an answer to a popular question, “What gift should I purchase for a baby?” A personalised piece of stunning jewellery that the baby will cherish forever.

Doodles can design a piece of jewellery tailor-made for the child. We also have an extensive collection of gold jewellery with a combination of patterns and designs that might be the right fit for the child. Doodles have a simple and effective mantra – We create mementoes meant to last a lifetime.

Over the years, our journey has been filled with joy, success and love. We have also received numerous queries for adult customised jewellery, and we are proud to say that we have started a gold jewellery collection for adults as well.

We have exhibited our jewellery with Industry bigwigs such as the Mommy Network, Pinwheel Project, Runway Rising (Delhi), and The Dream Edition (Juhu). In the past, we have also partnered with Muse Store and Kemps, where we were showered with lots of love.

Doodles have raised the bar and taken customisations up a notch. From baby-feet impressions cast on gold to casting handwriting or drawing in gold, we pride ourselves on being the only Indian Jewellery brand to have made this feat possible.

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Our Mission

With our mantra: ‘A loving gift…a lifelong memento,’ we strive for perfection. We aim to learn, adapt, and find new techniques to build customised jewellery so that no two designs would ever be similar.

We want to spread happiness and joy by bringing our customers' dreams and ideas to life in the form of our stunning jewellery collection.

We plan to be one of the most recognised customised luxury jewellery brands in India.

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Our Vision

We plan to design and create jewellery that brings joy to our customers, one piece of personalised jewellery at a time. Our luxury jewellery brand promises to craft elegant and fun jewellery meant to touch the very soul of the customer.

Whether it's a miniature charm or lavish neckpiece, we strive to create memorable and inspiring jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

We aim to deliver our customers exactly what they need. Our research of the Indian jewellery market has helped us gain insight into local preferences and tastes. Our comprehension of the data allows us to constantly innovate to provide an unparalleled jewellery shopping experience to our customers.

About our Founder​

Purvi Sanghavi

Purvi Sanghavi is the heart and soul, the face behind the charming and joyful jewellery brand – Doodles. As an optimistic individual, she recognised the need for a sustainable Indian kids jewellery brand that imbued joy within the hearts of both the gift-giver and the receiver.

A BFM graduate from Jai Hind College, Purvi was quite determined to turn Doodles into a success. A highly skilled new-age visionary, Purvi has successfully conquered various milestones in her short journey. Before starting her own brand, Purvi worked as a sales consultant at Kotak. As a certified diamond jeweller, Purvi’s passion for family and children has helped her establish an exceptional brand with values such as uncompromising quality, authenticity, and complete transparency.

The passionate visionary has more titles to her name – a certified Zumba Instructor, an ardent dog-lover, and an exceptional dancer. A firm believer of consistent growth, she spends her free time enriching her mind with books and travel. Her strong will and dedication have taken Doodles to new heights! Purvi aims to continue providing her customers, both kids and adults alike, high-quality products with pleasing aesthetics.

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Our Team

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The Doodles family of artisans and jewellers recognises the worth of a gift, not just in terms of cost but how it connects with people to create a bond between the gift-giver and the receiver. For this reason, we aim to provide the finest quality handcrafted jewellery tailored to the receiver’s preferences.

Our collection of exquisitely crafted kids jewellery is designed in India by skilled artisans. Joy, simplicity, love, and sophistication are the essence of our stunning jewellery creations, as a lifetime worth of happiness is associated with the gift and person. Each ornament is skillfully handcrafted by our highly talented team of jewellers with tremendous attention to detail.

Doodle’s founder, Purvi, started the journey alone but today has a capable team of visionaries that share her passion for creating sustainable gold jewellery for children and adults alike.

Our goal is to spread love and cheer through our spectacular jewellery collection. We have found a way to blend tradition with our theme, which has resulted in marvellous results, such as our inspired collection of evil-eye jewellery – a whimsical take on traditional jewellery meant to guard the wearer.

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