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Gold Nazariya for baby

Keep all evils at bay with these gorgeous gold Nazariya for babies that are handcrafted from 18kt gold. Traditionally, parents or elders in the family would tie a black thread or nazariya around the child’s wrist. This was to ensure that all the evil eye or ‘Nazar’ stays away from the newborn baby, thus protecting them from negative attention.

With the changing times, parents want to make this traditional accessory an integral part of their child’s growing up years. As such, we offer best-in-class, trendy and stylish gold nazariya for baby boy & baby girl that can be worn by them daily. Nazariya (evil eyes) bracelets make an excellent present for newborn babies. These customized kids bracelets feature black beads and other colourful motifs with silver/gold loops and the evil eye.

To ensure that the gold nazariya for baby girl/boy is 100% safe, we make use of top-grade material. The smooth finish also ensures that the bracelet doesn’t get entangled while dressing and undressing the baby. More importantly, this kids gold jewellery item comes with an adjustable band to ensure a comfortable fit as your child grows.

The customised nazariyas that we offer can also be engraved with the baby’s name, which makes it a thoughtful gift. Primarily worn to ward off evil, the gold nazariya for babies and kids are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and playful, which ensures that your kids will never want to remove it from their wrist.

If you are searching for the best options in gold for a newborn baby, then you can’t go wrong with these customized nazariyas, as it is not only a great gifting item but also protects your little one from all surrounding evil eye.

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