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Buy Gold Earrings For Kids Online

Earrings are a popular piece of jewellery which as been worn by people for more than 7000 years. It is a versatile piece of jewellery that is worn by babies as well. Thus, if you are searching for stunning kids’ gold earrings online, then Doodles provides you with a wide range of options. Babies are known to get their ears pierced soon after their first birthday or as soon as they get their first tetanus shot. When choosing an earring for kids, especially newborn babies, you need to pick the right metal as the babies ears are ultra-sensitive. As such, at our online store, we offer 18kt gold earrings for kids, which is the best metal with hypoallergenic properties that prevent any unwanted reaction or infections.

You can browse and pick your daughter’s first earrings from the extensive designs and patterns that are available. Earrings are the perfect piece of jewellery that adds a sense of style, grace and beauty and is one of the safest jewellery options for kids. You can choose from the different eye-catching designs available such as unicorns, butterfly, heart-shaped, nature-inspired, bows, animal figurines etc. We also offer customised gold jewellery for kids, so you can buy kids gold earrings online that are tailored to suit their personal style.

From stud earrings to hoop earrings for girls, we offer the best earrings that are lead-free and lightweight, making them an ideal daily-wear. Also, all our earrings come with a secure locking mechanism, which ensures that it won’t fall off easily. Our enamelled kids earring designs will add a splash of colour to your child’s overall appearance and will complement well with all their outfits. What’s more, to make it even more memorable, you can purchase an entire set of matching jewellery for your kids, including pendants, chains, kids bracelets and more.

As a keepsake, earrings are one of the top jewellery gift ideas for all occasions. Buying the first pair of earrings for your little princess is a special moment that you’ll always remember. Thus, making this moment even more special by buying authentic gold earrings for kids right here at Doodles which your child can cherish and even pass-on to their future kids as an heirloom.

*Note: Following the necessary safety guidelines, we take utmost care to keep our products sanitized and deliver them with the best care to your child.

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The most popular earring styles for kids are screw-back earrings, studs, and hoop earrings.

Screw-back earrings are a better option as they are more secure, which limits the risk of losing them.

Gold earrings are the best earrings for first piercing as they are the purest and safest metal. Read here for more information on what kind of earrings are best for kids with sensitive ears.

A newborn baby should wear one-eighth-inch earrings. As they grow older, they can switch to a pair of one-fourth inch earrings.

Yes, we can. The earrings displayed on our website are what we have in stock. If you want to create custom earrings, you can send us your design.