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8 Top Kids Jewellery Gift Ideas

Top Kids Jewellery Gift Ideas

If you want to buy the perfect gift for a baby boy or a baby girl, then you can’t go wrong with gold jewellery for kids. Unlike use and throw plastic toys and other kids gift items, gold jewellery is a keepsake that will remain with them forever. For most kids, jewellery also holds a sentimental value that makes them cherish special moments as they grow older. Plus, little girls adore jewellery and love to flaunt them on all occasions. Thus, as far as gift ideas for kids are concerned, gold jewellery is truly the best choice among the lot.

At Doodles, we go a step further when it comes to jewellery for kids. We offer customised gold jewellery for childrens that makes each jewellery piece unique. As such, if you are looking for jewellery gift ideas for kids, then below is a list of products that you can purchase right away!

Gold Jewellery Gift Ideas For Kids

1. Bracelets


As a fuss-free gift for kids, bracelets are a good choice for baby boys/girls, toddlers as well as teenagers. Most bracelets come with adjustable wrist bands, which ensure that kids can wear them comfortably as they grow old. Also, customised bracelets for kids with names are quite popular gifting options that kids of all ages love. Go here to check out our bracelets collection for kids.

2. Pendants


This is another charming jewellery gift idea for kids, as pendants come in various sizes and shapes. Apart from classic and religious pendant designs, one can also opt for personalised pendants that include motifs, kids names, cartoon characters, among others. As a versatile gift option, pendants can be paired with a chain to complete the look and is a great choice for casual and festive wear.

3. Earrings


When it comes to gold jewellery for girls, earrings top the list. This dainty piece of jewellery will surely wow your little princess, as they are comfortable to wear and fashionable at the same time. Kids earrings also tend to be more playful and stylish. You can opt for a simple or intricate design, and earrings can also be tailor-made to suit your kid’s style.

4. Nazariyas


This is a traditional Indian jewellery piece that is worn by people of all ages. Nazariyas help protects the baby from the evil eye and is a popular gifting option for newborn babies. Nazariyas gold bracelets come in delicate designs and include black beads as well as other fun elements. Thus, if you are searching for jewellery gift ideas for newborn babies, then gold nazariyas is the ideal gift option.

5. Kurta Buttons

Kurta Buttons

A perfect companion to traditional attire, Kurta buttons for kids feature a variety of bright & fun elements and can also include your kids favourite cartoon characters, superheroes, etc. Completely handmade and perfectly enamelled, custom-made Kurta buttons can enhance your kid’s festive look, giving it a stylish and royal touch. Plus, they are an awe-inspiring accessory for kids, which makes them a suitable gift for boys.

6. Customised Neckpieces

Customised Neckpieces

Neckpieces or gold chains are a beautiful gift option for kids birthdays, festivals and any other important events in their life. Customised neckpieces offer excellent quality & finish and are made from high-quality precious material. You can pair the neckpiece with a monogram pendant or a name pendant to complete the entire look. What’s more, neckpieces are casual jewellery that can be worn by kids well into adulthood.

7. Collar Pins

Collar Pins

Another trendy accessory for kids, collar pins are aesthetically designed in various shapes and are fun & sparkly. They can be paired with any attire, which makes them an excellent gift. Also, while collar pins are not as popular as other jewellery gift ideas for kids, if you are looking for an offbeat gift for your kids or nieces and nephews, then this dazzling jewellery can be a great addition to their jewellery collection.

8. Lapel Pins/Brooches

Lapel Pins/Brooches

Traditionally, lapel pins and brooches were worn by both men & women to give an elegant look to their attire. Kids can wear brooches on kurtas, Nehru jackets, blazers, suits and more. Kids lapel pins and brooches are collectables that are designed and crafted with a youthful twist. Apart from adding a flair of individuality, customised brooches with its fine detailing are also eye-catching and are sure to draw a lot of compliments.


As you can see above, there is no dearth of options when it comes to gold jewellery for kids. If you want to purchase a gift for them that they can cherish forever, then jewellery is a fantastic choice. Also, as parents, buying jewellery items for your kids is not only thoughtful but also a great investment.

When buying children’s jewellery, you need to ensure that it is child-safe and lead-free. Pick jewellery that is well-suited for their age and ensure that the jewellery is well-crafted with no sharp edges. If you want to present your child with a unique gift, then customised jewellery works best, as you can make the jewellery to suit your child’s own fashion taste. Also, pick the right jewellery size, not too loose or too tight, which will ensure that it can be comfortably worn by the kid at all times.

So now that you have this list of splendid gift ideas for kids, browse through our website and shop for the perfect gift that you children will absolutely adore.

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