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A Guide to Buying the Right Necklace and Pendant For Kids

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A pendant and necklaces’ purpose is to highlight the neckline bringing out its beauty. Choosing jewellery to compliment an outfit can be tedious. But, rings, earrings, bracelets, name pendants and necklaces can add a touch of elegance to our attire. To achieve the look you fancy for your child, you need to choose the right pendant and necklace that compliments their personality and goes well with their outfit of the day. Thus, the below guide can help you make the right decision.

A] How to Choose the Right Pendant Size for Kids?

When choosing jewellery for kids, such as a gold pendant, it is vital to keep in mind a few details:

1. Large pendants:

A large gold pendant is eye-catching as it becomes the focal point of the overall look. Pairing a large pendant with a simple outfit is the best choice for a kid who loves vibrantly bold and beautiful jewellery. Just ensure to buy a sturdy chain for a large pendant, or better yet, choose a large pendant necklace, which is bound to surprise them.

2. Small pendants:

A small pendant with a dainty gold chain is a popular jewellery option for kids. While a large pendant can help you make a fashion statement, a small pendant is an everyday jewellery item, ideal for casual and formal wear. You can take your pick from a range of small pendants for chains available online or opt for a personalised pendant.

3. Be presentable:

While it is okay to make a statement with a pendant, don’t ignore other factors. If your child has long hair, ensure it doesn’t entangle with the jewellery. If your child is wearing a large pendant necklace, her hair should be pinned-up to draw attention to it. Likewise, for a small pendant, make sure her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. This will provide a more polished and sleek look.

4. Occasion:

With the wide option of range of small pendants for chains, you can easily find one that best suit your child for a specific occasion. If none of the pendant designs looks appealing, fret not, as you can then buy a custom pendant that your child would surely adore.

B] Latest Pendant Designs For Kids

  • Customised Name Pendants: A name pendant is distinctive and signifies your love for your child. A pendant can have your child’s full name or just the initials. It can be further customised to include various designs such as evil-eye, crown/princess or hearts. Crafted in 18k gold, this would be an ideal gift for both a boy and a girl.
  • Animal-shaped Pendants: Cute, fluffy birds or animal-shaped pendants are attractive and suitable for kids. They can add an adorable and charming look to your kid’s outfit. Various animals such as penguins, sparrows, bears, pandas, and unicorns look charming as pendants. Plus, the pendant enamel can be customised as per your choice.
  • Boat Pendant: Let your child sail into dreamland with this dazzling boat-shaped gold pendant. The boat represents an adventure for your child as they journey through life and is well-suited for both girls & boys. If you want your child to stand out, then purchase this 18kt gold boat pendant today.
  • Rainbow Pendant: The rainbow pendant is a magical jewellery accessory that is highly popular among kids. With its vibrant colours, it is well-suited for daily and casual wear. It is also a stylish ornament that lends a spark of enchantment to simple chains and will never go out of style.

C] How to Choose the Right Necklace/Chain?

Similar to kids pendants, there are a few factors that you should know when purchasing a necklace/chain for a pendant. This will ensure both the pendant and the necklace design are perfectly balanced.

1. Weight and Colour of the necklace/chain

To avoid breakage ensure that the pendant doesn’t weigh more than the chain. The colour of the chain should complement the colour of the pendant. For example, you can pair a white gold pendant with a gold, silver or platinum chain.
  • 18 Karat gold: It contains 75% gold and 25% alloyed metals that provides a richer yellow colour compared to 14kt.
  • 14 Karat gold: It has 58% gold and 42% alloyed metals that provides a classic yellow gold colour.
  • 14 Karat white gold: White gold is an alloy of nickel, magnesium or palladium. The purity of gold is usually 14kt.
  • Gold Fitted: Gold-fitted metals are available in yellow and rose gold. They are more affordable than solid gold. 14/20 gold-fitted material is crafted with 14kt gold bonded to base metal-core.

2. Length of the necklace/chain

To choose the length of the necklace/chain, you need to take into consideration the design and the pendant size. Select a chain with the width and thickness that accommodates the pendant. Also, ensure that the end ring of the necklace/chain will fit through the pendant.

3. Pattern of the necklace/chain

Be wise and choose simple chain styles to go along with the pendant. The bail (clasp) of the pendant should be big enough to get through a chain or necklace. Here are some simple patterns of chain styles to use:

  • Anchor: The anchor chain features oval links that are bisected across the centre. The links are thick in proportion to their size.
  • Wheat: It is a variation of rope chain, created with alternating figure-eight links. These are closely interlinked to present a braid (almost like a square).

D] Trendy Customised Neckpiece Designs For Kids

  • Dangling Necklace: A personalised chain with your kid’s name on it can be an exclusive gift. This 18kt gold pendant necklace is custom-made and lead & nickel-free. It is durable yet lightweight and perfectly suitable for toddlers.
  • Name Necklace with Lotus: Crafted from 18kt gold, this name neckpiece represents beauty and purity. Along with the lotus motif, you can add your child’s name. This lotus necklace is suitable for all occasions – birthdays, special events, and milestones. It is also ideal for daily and party wear.
  • Customised Name Chain: Gift your princess a gift she deserves with this gold-themed princess necklace. This crown necklace is striking and will look beautiful on your little girl. As personalised neckpieces are fashionable and always on-trend, she can even wear them as a teenager.
  • Name Neckpiece with Nazariya: The modern-day nazariyas don’t have to be a plain black thread tied around your baby’s neck or wrist. Protect your baby from negative energy with an intricately-crafted nazariya neckpiece. This exquisite 18k gold customised neckpiece/chain can even include your child’s name or initials.


A pendant is an independent jewellery item that can be paired with a chain and matched with exact earrings and bracelets to make a set. Both personalised neckpieces and pendants are excellent gift options for a newborn baby. Our handpicked collection of customised gold pendants and necklaces are unique and will help your child define their personal style. Thus, browse through these designs right away and take your pick from the most unique, edgy, and colourful styles.

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