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Best Earrings For Babies and Toddlers

Best Earrings For Babies And Toddlers

When it comes to gold jewellery for kids, earrings are a popular choice for babies as well as toddlers. They are an adorable jewellery accessory that can be worn right from childhood without any hassle. In India, piercing of ears is a tradition that is usually performed within a few months of childbirth. However, when selecting your baby’s first earrings, you need to be extremely careful as babies have sensitive ears. Read this blog to know what kind of earrings are best for kids.

Picking out earrings for toddlers and babies can get tricky due to the abundant availability of various designs. Right from the metal – gold or silver to varied patterns butterfly, unicorn, flowers, etc, the endless choice makes selecting anyone a tough job. Thus, if you are unsure which to pick, then here are some options of gold earrings for babies that are not only an investment but also long-lasting.

At Doodles, we offer personalised gold jewellery for kids made from 18kt gold. We ensure that all our jewellery is lead-free, lightweight, and kid-friendly. Plus, owing to their versatility, our jewellery is ideal for all occasions and can be worn daily as well.

Top Earrings For Babies and Toddlers

Here are some of the best types of earrings for toddlers available in different designs and patterns. You can also choose a customised earring to purchase a unique and memorable gift for your child.

1. Butterfly Earrings:

This could become instantly one of her favourite accessories to wear. With its colourful wings and appealing design, this dainty earring would look enchanting on your little one’s ears. Butterfly design earrings can be customised in any colour of your choice and are available in both gold as well as silver.

2. Cartoon-inspired Earrings:

There is no doubt that children love watching cartoons and gifting them earrings inspired by their favourite cartoon character would be the icing on the cake. Be it their favourite princess or a character from an animated movie, this gesture of yours would surely bring out their lovely smiles and give them immense happiness.

3. Animal Earrings For Girls:

This pair of earrings is unique and one-of-a-kind and will make your little girl stand out. These animal avatars are given a witty twist that makes them kid-friendly and looks exceptionally vibrant. Such earrings go remarkably well with western outfits and can be worn daily as well.

4. Colourful Unicorn Earrings:

Unicorns never go out of style. These earrings will give your child a colourful and chic look. A classic unicorn design earrings can be personalised in radiant colours according to your choice. These earrings come with a push screw and are crafted from 18kt gold. With their ethereal design, these colourful unicorn earrings for toddlers will provide your child with a luminous look.

5. Flower Earrings:

Fresh and lively flowers can make everyone’s day. Gift your toddler these enchanting blossom earrings that are available in gold and silver. The enamel colour can be selected by you and our artistic touch will ensure that the earrings are an excellent gift that would surely brighten their day. No matter what you pick white or blue flower earrings, they are bound to look exceptionally cute on their dainty ears. The best part, these earrings can go with everything be it a casual outfit or ethnic wear.

6. Queen-Heart Earrings:

The classic heart earrings can never be a wrong choice. They are versatile and go on well with every outfit seamlessly. The heart symbolises love and care and is the ideal way to show your feeling towards your little princess. You can add different types of motifs or even alphabet to this earring to make it more personal and unique. When gifted to your little princess, it would certainly feel like she’s the queen of your heart!

7. Moon and Stars Earrings:

This quirky and trendy design is the one that will make your kid shine out among others. The delicate crescent adorned with sparkling stars will make the earrings look brighter and will give your child a distinctive look. Adding your child’s favourite colour enamel will make it the perfect gift for your toddler’s birthday.

8. Cute Minnie-Mouse Earrings:

Who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? You can never go wrong with this design as Minnie is precious and endearing, and girls absolutely love her. Made from 18kt gold, you can customise it with different colours. These small earrings for babies also come with a push screw that ensures your child doesn’t misplace them while playing.

9. Bow Tie Earrings:

This is another earring design that will look exceptionally enchanting and classy on your baby girl. A bow tie in vivid colour with a cute round dot in the middle will look stunning on the ears. You can even give these earrings a beautiful twist by adding an American diamond to them.

10. Loop Earrings:

In fashion, loop earrings are a go-to accessory for everyone as they go well with western as well traditional outfits. They are extremely lightweight and can be worn daily too! You can even add some cute and fun charm to it, which will make them look more intriguing.

11. Basic Round Earrings:

These round basic earrings are an ideal ornament for everyday use. You could decorate them with some flowers or add some interesting motifs to make them more elegant. These are extremely comfortable and easy to wear and remove. They can also be worn with any attire be it dresses or jeans.

12. Tiara Earrings:

Every girl deserves a crown, so give your baby girl the joy of owning one too. These tiara earrings are classy and deluxe which your baby girl would absolutely love. Add in some splash of colours and this could be a present that your kid would adore for a long time.

Final Words

These are a few options of gold earrings for your baby girl that you can choose from. Earrings are a splendid jewellery gift idea for girls that you can’t go wrong with. As mentioned above, make sure to pick a safe metal to avoid allergies. Also, while loop earrings are a popular choice, you can take a look at these gold studs for babies that are the latest trend.

If you are looking for other jewellery option for girls, then check out these stunning necklace designs that are beautifully crafted and can include matching earrings and pendants to make a set. Necklace designs can be customised to include your child’s name, thereby giving it a personal touch.

Apart from this list of the best earrings for toddlers and babies, here are some other gold gifting ideas for a newborn baby that you can check out.

At Doodles, we constantly strive to create new and contemporary jewellery designs for kids. We ensure to deliver the highest quality jewellery that is extremely safe for children and can be worn always without any hassle. You can send us an enquiry of the product you like or for more details, you can get in touch with us. We’d be happy to assist you.

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