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Gold Gifting Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Gold Gifting Ideas for a Newborn Baby

Gold jewellery never goes out of style, and nowadays with gold jewellery for babies trending, what’s better than to gift your child personalised gold jewellery, made especially for them.

Gold for kids are not only fashionable, but also a great investment. However, selecting a gift for a newborn baby in gold can be a task, as there are so many options and kids look splendid in everything they wear. For example, if you are buying a gold locket for a baby boy, you can’t help but wonder about the chain to go with it.

At Doodles, we offer customised gold jewellery for kids that are designed keeping their safety in mind. Thus, check out some of the gold jewellery gifting ideas for a newborn baby below and make a purchase today.

A. Why Gifting Gold Jewellery is Ideal For a New-Born Baby?

A lot of times newborn babies are given gold jewellery as a gift, but have you ever wondered why?

Well, one of the primary reasons is because gold is believed to be auspicious in India and is a part of many ceremonies, beginning with the baby’s naming ceremony. Also, a gift for a newborn baby in gold is considered very safe as it does not include any lead or harmful material. The best part, gold jewellery for newborn babies are designed to be lightweight yet durable, which makes them an ideal option for daily wear.

Gold proves to be a versatile gift for kids during their birthdays, different festivals, important milestones etc. Additionally, gold jewellery for babies are considered to be a good luck charm and are usually passed on from one generation to another.

B. Gold Gifting Ideas for a Newborn Baby

1. Nazariya Bracelet:

Nazariya Bracelet

Nazariya bracelets are popular because they help keep the evil eye away. Our collection of nazariya bracelets for kids are a vibrant twist to traditional charm bracelets, which your little one can wear with everything and on anything they like. What’s more, at Doodles, you have the option of personalising the nazariya bracelet by adding your kid’s initial to it.

2. Necklace:


Necklaces are a beautiful gift as they can be worn daily as well as for special occasions. Gold chains for baby boy or girl with your choice of customisation would look superbly fancy. They are also a keepsake, which can be worn by kids even in their teens. In addition, personalised name neckpieces can also include floral motifs and other catchy designs.

3. Pendants:


Shiny, bright-coloured pendants with an intricate gold design is a perfect gift to go along with a chain for a newborn baby. Pendants in the shape of cartoons, animal figures, cars or the classic heart-shape look extremely elegant and cute on toddlers. You can also choose unique kids pendants to suit your child’s style.

4. Brooch:


Brooches are a style statement not only for adults but for kids as well. Brooches with customised names or motifs are fantastic jewellery for a newborn baby boy/girl. Also, brooches go well with traditional as well as western clothes, which makes them suitable for all occasions.

5. Kurta Buttons:

Kurta Buttons

Kurta buttons add an extra style to your kid’s traditional outfits. This gold ornament is trendy, fashionable and helps magnify your child’s overall look. Being a quirky fashion jewellery, custom-made kurta buttons can also make them look exceptionally cute yet regal.

6. Earrings:


Looking for an incredible gold ornament for a baby girl? Earrings are the best option. Earrings are very common, fun to wear and make a lovely gift for toddlers. These stylish and cute gold ornament will make your little princess look adorable. Also, they are a keepsake, making them a dazzling gift for your baby girl.

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7. Anklets:

The tinkling sound made by anklets every time your kid walks, jumps or bounce is especially soothing to hear. The sound produced by the anklets delights the kid to no end. The jingling sounds from the anklets are also believed to protect the kids from evil spirits. Thus, this is another option in gold gifts for baby girls that you can consider.

8. Bangles:


It is a custom in many families to gift a newborn baby girl gold or silver bangles as a token of their love. While kids bracelets are a common gift item, if you want to buy something spectacular for your little darling, then customised bangles is an amazing gift and wonderful heirloom.


Gifting your kid is always memorable, special and a delightful sight for the eyes when they are jumping in happiness or when a smile spreads across their face upon receiving it. Gold jewellery for kids not only brings them joy, but it also stays with them forever, thus helping them remember their childhood fondly.

Make sure while buying jewellery for kids (especially newborns) to select the right metal, as some metals can cause allergic reactions. Gold is considered safe as it does not contain any lead. Also, make sure to choose the right size and buy a size that is half-an-inch bigger to ensure that your child could wear it in the future.

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