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Screw-on Earrings For Girls : Advantages and Latest Trends

Screw on Earrings For Girls

When it comes to choosing jewellery for girls, earrings are quite a popular choice. They are adorable accessories worn since childhood. In general, earrings are worn in pairs, the two ornaments in all respect resembling each other. Picking out earrings for girls can get tricky due to the availability of various designs. From the metal to different styles to varied patterns the endless choice makes selecting anyone a tough job. People often wonder if there is a more secure type of earrings for little girls. Although we wouldn’t say that there is any best type of earrings, some are definitely more secure than the rest. Today, we’ll talk about the different advantages of screw-back earrings and look at the trendiest closed-back earring designs for little girls.

A] How to Choose the Best Earrings for Girls?

  • The earrings for your child must be secure, so they don’t misplace them easily. Steer clear of fish hook earrings, push-backs, latch-backs and lever-backs earrings as they are easy to remove and hence, easy to lose. Instead, buy screw-back earrings as they offer extra security.
  • The material used for the jewellery will decide how child-friendly and long-lasting it would be. It may look pretty, but stay away from glass jewellery for your child as they break easily, and the broken pieces can end up hurting your child.
  • Kids can be allergic to particular metals. If you notice a skin rash or discolouration when your child wears new jewellery for the first time, it is best to discontinue using the same. Gold is one of the safest materials used to make kids jewellery because of its non-reactive and non-allergic nature.

B] Advantages of Screw-on Earrings for Girls

1. More Secure:

A screw-on earring is a stud earring secured by a nut that rotates along the length of the post until it sits flush against the earlobe from behind. The biggest difference between a screw-back earring and a push-back earring is that screw backs allow the nut to secure the stud in place. Whereas, pushback can get loose from time to time. The method of screwing or unscrewing the nut can be gradual, so the benefit of security is high, and the chances of losing your earring are low.

2. Durable:

Screw-on earrings are outstanding when it comes to durability. Screw backs can be worn for longer periods as they will not wear down in part due to the thicker metal of the post. To maintain the screw backs, clean the posts and rotate the nut in proper fashion – lining up the grooves with the threading and not forcefully pushing the nut to the base of the earlobe. If done rightly, the screw backs can last for years on end.

3. Easy to Wear and Remove:

The threaded post of screw-on earrings allow you to screw the back onto the earring. The benefit of these is that it is impossible to be taken off by a child. Make sure to cover the posts of the screw backs. This ensures that the post does not come through and poke the back of your child’s head while sleeping.

4. Variety of Options:

Screw back earrings come with a variety of options. You can customise your earrings to be either made from gold or silver. They are available to be enamelled in any colour you can dream of. The earrings can also have diamonds.

C] Latest Closed-back Earrings Design For Girls

1. Queen of Hearts & Earrings:

The queen of hearts earrings is a classy choice. Since your princess is the queen of your heart, it would certainly be a perfect gift for her. They are versatile and go well with every outfit. The heart is a symbol of love & care and is an excellent way to show your feelings towards your little princess. You can customise the enamel colour of the earrings to make them more unique.

2. Starfish Earrings:

An ornament worn by mermaids as they sit by the shore watching the waves, Starfish earrings can be personalised in vibrant colours. They come with a screw-back and are crafted from 18kt gold. With their ethereal design, these colourful starfish earrings for girls will bring out their lovely smiles and give them immense happiness.

3. Queen’s Tiara Earrings:

Pamper your princess with the joy of owning a tiara. These elegant earrings have a deluxe and classy feel. These queen’s earrings are small gold crown-shaped earrings that are ideal for daily wear. They come with a reliable locking mechanism that ensures they don’t fall off easily.

4. Knotted Bow Earrings:

The Knotted Bow Earrings would look exquisitely cute on a little girl’s tiny ears. With sparkly colours and beautiful design, these earrings would instantly become their favourite. You can even customise them in their favourite colour.

5. Unicorn Earrings:

These distinctive unicorn earrings will make your little girl stand out. This fairytale animal avatar is given a witty twist that makes them kid-friendly and looks exceptionally splendid. These glorious unicorn earrings go well with western outfits and can be worn daily as well.

6. Butterfly Earrings:

With their colourful design, these spectacular earrings could become one of her favourite accessories to wear. The dainty earring would look bewitching on your little one’s ears. Available in good and silver, the enamel of butterfly design earrings can feature the colour of your choice.

7. Minnie Earrings:

A beloved character, the Minnie Mouse earring is a trendy design popular among kids. Minnie is adorable, and girls are absolutely in love with her. Made from gold, you can customise it with various dazzling colours. These cute Minnie earrings with screw-on backs can be worn daily or on special occasions.


Earrings are a magnificent first birthday jewellery gift idea for girls. As mentioned above, make sure to pick screw-back earrings as they provide more safety. Apart from this list, here are some other gold gifting ideas for kids that you can check out. At Doodles, we offer personalised gold jewellery that is comfortable, easy to use, and aesthetic. We ensure to deliver the highest quality gold jewellery for kids that feature new and contemporary designs. Gold jewellery offered by us is extremely safe for children and can be worn at all times without any hassle. You can get in touch with us by sending us an enquiry about the product you like. We’d be happy to help you.

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