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Trending Gold Bracelet Designs to Look Out For in 2022

Trending Gold Bracelet Designs to Look Out

Bracelets are one jewellery item for kids that is suitable for both boys and girls. It’s a piece of no-fuss jewellery that can be worn daily. In the past, simple gold bracelets were immensely popular, but bracelets have become a more elaborate and decorative ornament with changing times. With abundant options available, if you want to surprise your kid with an unforgettable gift, then purchase a customised bracelet online that is available in both gold and silver. Below we have listed down some of the incredible bracelet designs from our special bracelet collection for 2021. Thus, check out these most amazing gold bracelet designs and place your order right away.

Latest Gold Bracelet Designs For Kids and Adults

1. Nazariya Bracelet:

Nazariya Bracelet

Our Nazariya bracelet comes in a Kada-shaped black strap that complements beautifully with the mother of pearl stone. This splendid hand-crafted bracelet stands out for its uniqueness and comes with an adjustable band that ensures a comfortable fit for a long time. Similar to the traditional black thread, this bracelet design will keep all evil eyes away.

2. Soccer-ball Customised Bracelet:

Soccer ball Customised Bracelet

Boys love soccer and a bracelet with a soccer ball design would mean the world to them and bring a huge smile to their face. This gold bracelet can be worn daily. You can also engrave your kid’s name on it to make it distinctive. The enamel of the football can be customised as per your colour preference. What’s more, you can also add some additional motifs to make it a glorious gift that reflects your love for them.

3. Musical Bracelet in Gold:

If your child is a music lover, then this musical bracelet design is the one for him/her. Crafted to replicate their favourite musical instrument in miniature, this bracelet would remind them of their deep passion. This could also be a timeless souvenir that you can gift them, which will keep you in their memories forever. With a simple yet classic look, this trendy bracelet design is an excellent choice for birthdays and special events.

4. Personalised Gold Bracelet:

Personalised bracelets will never go out of style. Made exclusively just for your child, this would be a memorable gift that they would treasure for life. The customised bracelet design can have your kid’s name or initials. You can also add some interesting and fun elements to it. From the shape to the size and design, all elements can be customised according to your preference. With so much thought and love behind making this gift special, it will surely delight your child to no end.

5. Little Astronaut Gold Bracelet:

Little Astronaut Gold Bracelet

Is your child fascinated by the moons and stars? Does he/she love reading about different planets? If yes, then this little astronaut gold bracelet would be a heavenly gift for him/her. This luxurious astronomy bracelet is made from gold and features a well-crafted rocket/plane in vibrant colours. This bracelet is an exquisite piece of jewellery that will dazzle your little one, and you can also add his/her name to make it more personal.

6. Sailor Design Bracelet:

Sailor Design Bracelet

This customisable travel-inspired bracelet would look charming on your kid’s wrist. With a colourful boat and an anchor in classic blue and white stripe, this bracelet is an enchanting mix-and-match of style. This bracelet screams ‘Aye, Aye Captain!’ in the most engaging way and is sure to attract the eyes of all onlookers. If your nephew/niece loves the ocean and the boat, then this beautiful bracelet is the most perfect gift for them.

7. Car-themed Bracelet in Gold:

Car themed Bracelet in Gold

Boys, irrespective of age, love cars. So when thinking about ideal gold jewellery for boys, what would be better than a car-themed bracelet? This popular gold bracelet for kids can be customised in any colour of your choice. As a piece of simple, no-fuss jewellery, your kid is bound to flaunt it in front of all his friends.

8. Beautiful Butterfly Bracelet:

Beautiful Butterfly Bracelet

Radiant and filled with playful colours, this butterfly bracelet comes with a simple gold chain and is an excellent gift to give your little darling. This cute and gorgeous bracelet can be further personalised with alphabets (or their initials). Plus, the colours of the butterfly can be customised according to your needs.

9. Shellfish with a Pearl Bracelet:

This exclusive and exquisite gold bracelet is one-of-its-kind. Decorated with a sparkling pearl on top, this shellfish bracelet design is a marine delight. Its lustrous enamel colours and shape provides a vibrant combination while the adjustable gold band ensures that kids can wear it even as a teen. If you are looking for an off-beat, marine-themed bracelet design, then you can’t go wrong with this.

10. Super-hero Bracelet:

Super hero Bracelet

Boys idealise superheroes and are always looking out for ways to save the world. Gifting them a superhero-themed gold bracelet would be the icing on the cake as every kid want to protect his/her country just like a superhero would!

11. Tiara Bracelet:

Tiara Bracelet

This is an excellent gift for girls. The eye-catching tiara with customisable colour and a heart in the middle adds a distinctive look to this beautiful jewellery design. It sports a simple chain band that is adjustable. For a twin look for a boy and girl, you can also purchase a King lapel pin and make this day more memorable for your kids.

Final Word

At Doodles, we believe in crafting jewellery with utmost joy and love. Our handpicked collection of customised gold jewellery for kids are unique and will help them define their personal style. Thus, make the most of these new bracelet designs in gold that can be tailored to suit your needs. And if you need more information or are having a hard time deciding on anyone, give us a call and we’ll help you pick the best.

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