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Diwali Gifts For Kids: Top 10 Customised Gold Jewellery Ideas

Diwali Gifts For Kids

Diwali, the festival of lights, brings families together to share moments of happiness, joy, and never-ending laughter. The day is considered auspicious and follows timeless traditions and rituals that bring us closer to our roots. One of the longest followed rituals is the tradition of Gifting. Thus, if you want to make this year’s Diwali special, then here are some adorable and stunning gift ideas for kids.  Compared to toys, gold jewellery for kids is a great memento they’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best-customised gold gifts for girls and boys.

Diwali Gift Ideas For Girls and Boys

1. Butterfly ID Bracelet:

Colourful butterflies always enthral kids with their beauty and uniqueness. This cute and gorgeous butterfly ID bracelet can be engraved with your kids’ names. It can also be customised in any enamel colour of your choice, and if needed, the motif can be changed too. The best part, this bracelet is an excellent Diwali gift idea for both boys and girls.

2. Princess Crown Collar Pin:

Princess Crown

Another charming Diwali gift idea is the princess crown collar pin. This collar pin is spectacular and will look incredible when worn by your little princess alongside her ethnic outfit. For your baby girl, you can customise the colour of the crown to make it distinctive. This gold jewellery for girls is lightweight yet durable and will surely bring her much joy.

3. Little One Colourful Neckpiece:

Little One Colourful

This customised name necklace is one of the best-selling kid’s gold jewellery items online. Your kid’s name can be written in different colour enamels, or you can choose to standardise it and pick your child’s favourite colour. This gold chain also has a unicorn motif, which can be changed to any other design as per requirement. What’s more, this customised neckpiece is an exceptional Diwali gift idea for all, irrespective of age.

4. Transport-Theme Kurta Buttons:

Transport Themed

Kurta buttons are popular baby boy gold jewellery that is ideal for all occasions. These transport-theme kurta buttons are dazzling and colourful, just like a toddler’s dreams. These vibrant transport-theme kurta buttons are also remarkable souvenirs that your kid will look upon warmly for years to come. Moreover, this gold jewellery for boys can also be crafted in sliver on request.

5. King Lapel Pin:

King Pin

King lapel pin is a sophisticated Diwali gift for boys that’ll add a unique touch to their ethnic or western outfits. Creating a lapel pin with your kid’s initials will not only make it unique but also give it an elegant look. You could even add some beautiful motifs such as a crown, heart or even a flag to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It also comes with a safety clasp, providing added security. Further reading: Elegant Lapel Pins and Brooches Designs For Kids

6. Blooming Flower Nazariyas:

Blooming Flowers

Crafted from 18kt gold, the blooming flower nazariya is a fantastic piece of jewellery. As a tradition, a single black thread is tied to a newborn’s wrist. But, over time, nazariya bracelets in silver and gold are trending as they look beautiful and are long-lasting. To make it one of a kind, the blooming flower nazariya can be enamelled in any colour of your choice with the option of adding the evil eye.

7. Magical Butterfly Pendant:

Magical Butterflies

A magical butterfly pendant could instantly become your child’s favourite accessory to wear this Diwali. With its multicoloured wings and intricate design, this dainty pendant would make a lovely Diwali gift for girls. Paired with a slim gold chain, this pendant with its exquisite design will look graceful on all outfits. So, gift this enchanting gold pendant to your little one and see her go ‘wow’ in amazement.

8. 3 Musketeers Customised Bracelet:

musketeers Customised

This Diwali let your kids make a fashionable statement with this musketeer’s customisable bracelet that is unique and crafted just for them. Featuring three butterflies, the name of your kids can be added to this bracelet in dangling letters. You can choose the colour of the enamel or pick a different motif based on your choice. As a personalised bracelet, this gold bracelet for boys and girls is also an amazing gift option for adults. What’s more, you can go the extra mile and create spectacular theme-based jewellery set for your kids by adding a matching pendant, neckpiece and earring to this bracelet. Further reading: Latest Jewellery Trends in India For Kids and Adults

9. Royal Collar Pin:

Royal Pin

A must-have gold accessory for Diwali, this gold collar pin with a chain for boys will give your child’s outfit a royal look. As a piece of versatile gold jewellery, this pin features a car, the colour of which can be changed to suit your preference. An ideal gift for newborn babies, this collar pin is crafted from 18kt gold, while the two simple gold chains give it a luminous shine. You can also customise it and add another design as per your choice.

10. Flower Loop Earrings:

Flower Loop

If you are searching for Diwali gift ideas for girls, then look no more! These lovely flower loop gold earrings can be customised in any colour of your choice and are available in gold and silver. The colour of the enamel can be of your choice and our artisans will ensure that the earrings are exceptional. No matter what colour you pick – pink, white, red or purple flower earrings – they are bound to look exceptionally cute on your kid’s dainty ears. Further reading: Best Earrings For Babies and Toddlers


Make this Diwali memorable for your kids and loved ones by gifting them customised gold jewellery. The above Diwali gift ideas will help you to enrich the festivity. When it comes to personalised gold jewellery for kids, creativity has no bounds. So, entrust us with your designs, and we’ll craft an impeccable jewellery item for your children that will surpass your expectations. Rest assured your orders will be delivered as swiftly as possible. We also ensure that all deliveries are made keeping the new safety norms in mind. Need more information before you decide? We’d be delighted to assist you, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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