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The Ultimate Kids Ring Size Guide for 2022

The Ultimate Kids Ring Size Guide

Rings are a popular jewellery gift item for kids; an accessory worn since childhood. Buying rings for kids may be a challenge as you need to consider several factors. For instance, what is the correct ring size for a girl or boy? What type of metal is ideal? What about the right design and pattern? All these questions can make selecting a ring for your child a tough job.

At Doodles, we offer a wide variety of customised rings that your kids would love. Once you’ve selected a ring, choose the metal – gold or silver – and make use of the below kid’s ring measurement chart to order the perfect ring for your child.

A. Children’s Ring Sizes by Age – All You Need To Know

Curious about what ring sizes are? Well, they are the diameter or circumference of the inside of the ring, often measured in mm, inches or cm.

Different countries have varied ring measurement charts or measuring units. In India, we use millimetres (mm).
Getting children’s ring sizes right is important, as an improper fit will increase the risk of losing it. Choose a comfortable ring size that slips on and off easily. Here is a list of kids ring sizes.

Age (years)MillimetresInches

B. How to Measure a Kid’s Ring Size – Steps To Follow

Before measuring your baby’s ring size, it is vital to consider their knuckles. If your baby’s knuckles are large, you should look for rings that are half-a-size bigger than the finger to slide the ring comfortably.

Also, measure the finger a couple of times, as the size fluctuates depending on their current activities, change in temperature, or eating certain foods.

Method 1: Use a piece of floss or string

  • Take the length of a string or floss and wrap it around the base of your child’s finger
  • Take a marker and mark the stop where the floss or string overlaps.
  • Stretch the length of the string or floss alongside the measuring tape or ruler. Write down the length in millimetres.

Method 2: Buy a ring sizer

If you are looking for accurate measurements, a ring sizer measurement tool is what you need. They are inexpensive and easily available online, so you can effortlessly take your baby’s ring measurement at home. They are available in two types:

  • A thin measuring tape
  • A keyring with different ring sizes

The best part, this tool comes in handy while buying rings for other family members.

Method 3: Place an already owned ring on the ring chart

Take a printout of a kid’s ring measurement chart and place the ring on the circle till you find one that matches the inner diameter of the ring.

C. Why Are Gold Rings Ideal For Children?

Some of the reasons why gold jewellery items like rings are ideal for kids is because:

  • They are the safest metal for children of all ages.
  • They are more polished and glossy compared to silver rings, thus increasing their attractiveness.
  • They are a luxury item with more value than silver and other metals.
  • It is a non-corrosive metal, which means no rust, no wear & tear.

When you decide to buy a ring, go for 14k or 18k gold as they are purer and less likely to trigger a reaction.

D. Trendiest Gold Rings for Kids

1. Initial Ring For Kids

Initial Ring For Kids

This customised name ring is the best-selling gold jewellery item. Made from 18K gold, it is suitable for kids and adults. The initial ring features a diamond-studded initial that can be personalised as per your choice. This ring makes an exceptional birthday present for kids, and the colour enamel can be changed as needed.

2. Kids Butterfly Ring

Kids Butterfly Ring

A magical butterfly ring – with its intricate design – could instantly become your little darling’s favourite accessory. This enchanting gold ring for kids will look lovely if paired with a pair of 18K gold earrings. You can customise the colours of the butterfly as per your daughter’s favourite colours to bring her immense joy.

3. Crown Ring For Children

Crown Ring For Children

A perfect, befitting ring for your princess, it will look cute on her tiny fingers. This beautiful crown ring is made from 18K gold and features a pure white crown within which lies a heart in pink. This design is child-safe and highly comfortable, lightweight, and durable. You can also adjust the size of the ring as per your child’s finger.

4. Evil Eye (Nazariya) Ring

Evil Eye

Get your kid this little protection charm to protect them from evil eyes. This evil eye ring will bring your kid good luck and keep negative energies away. Created from 18K gold, it can be worn at all times and features a traditional evil-eye motif that will look amazing when worn alongside an ethnic outfit.

5. Cupcake Ring For Kids

Cupcake Ring

This colourful cupcake ring is created from 18K gold. The enamel can be your daughter’s most loved colour, and our artisans will ensure it is outstanding. You can pair this cupcake ring with a matching neckpiece and earrings to create a complete set for your baby girl. Inspired by a delicious red-velvet cupcake, this ring is topped with a heart-shaped cherry.

6. Evil Eye Ring with Initials

Evil Eye Ring with Initials

Our evil eye initial ring is a new addition to the ring collection at Doodles. It comes with a flower-shaped evil eye motif and an alphabet. You can customise the alphabet as per your child’s name. Make use of this cute 18k gold modern little protection charm to ward off the evil eye.

7. Kids Oyster Ring

Kids Oyster Ring

Every girl wants to feel close to her favourite Disney princess (mermaid). So, there is nothing more joyful than wearing a ring with an oyster and pearl. Feel closer to the ocean with this oyster ring that can be worn by both kids and adults. Crafted from 18k gold, this quirky design has a lot of detail in its pink oyster that holds the beautiful shiny white pearl.


1. What is the appropriate age for a kid to wear a ring?

In India, most kids are given gold jewellery (mostly rings) as a gift during the naming ceremony. So, most kids wear rings right from childhood.

2. Is it better to size a ring up or down?

As kids grow up fast, it is ideal to buy a ring one size up or opt for an adjustable ring.

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