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Holi Gift Ideas: Colourful Jewellery For Kids

Holi Gift Ideas Colourful Jewellery For Kids

The festival of colours is finally here, and everyone is excited to celebrate it – from children to adults alike. Holi brings family and friends together as they joyously celebrate this day with flowers, water, gulaal, sweet and savoury delicacies. Gifts are also exchanged. So, this Holi, if you want to gift your children something unique and special, then we have got you covered with this list of Holi gift ideas. This list of Holi jewellery for kids includes personalised colourful jewellery, available in both gold and silver.

Colourful Jewellery Gifts For Kids This Holi

1. Customised Enamel Font Neckpiece For Kids

Customised Enamel

A perfect Holi special jewellery for kids, let your child dazzle in this vibrantly customised neckpiece crafted from 18kt gold. In this neckpiece, the child’s name is written in gold letters and embellished with multi-coloured enamel. You can also add a charm (like this butterfly) to make the neckpiece more distinctive. This beautiful jewellery for kids is an evergreen memento with meaningful personal touch.

2. A Pair of Stylish Kada For Girls

A Pair of Stylish Kada For Girls

From our newest kids’ special Kada collection, we bring to you this glorious pair of Kada that is the sweetest gift you can give your little princess. This pair of gold Kada for girls includes three charms – heart, dress and cupcake in multi-coloured enamel. These charms can be customised to suit your needs. Plus, its size-adjustable design ensures that your child can wear this fantastic piece of jewellery for the longest time.

3. A Pair of Evil-Eye Nazariya Bracelets For Kids

A Pair of Evil-Eye Nazariya Bracelets

If you are looking for traditional Holi jewellery to gift to your child, then check out this pair of evil-eye nazariya bracelets. Giving the conventional nazariya bracelet a chic-stylish twist, this bracelet includes black beads, cloud & balloon charms alongside a blue evil-eye. The light blue evil-eye is a protection charm that also symbolises peace and solitude.

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4. Hand & Feet Impression Pendant For Newborn Babies

Hand & Feet Impression Pendant

At Doodles, we believe in creating jewellery that puts emotions into physical form, and this is just what we wanted to achieve through our exclusive hand and feet impression pendants for newborn babies. It is one of the best gift ideas for babies if you are looking for personalised Holi gifts online. The best part, along with the impression of hand & feet you can also engrave your child’s name and birth date on this pendant.

5. Peacock Leaf Loop Earrings For Girls

Peacock Leaf Loop Earrings

A splendid pair of earrings for Holi that will make your girl stand out, purchase this jewellery right away if you are searching for a piece of one-of-a-kind jewellery. Peacock feathers (mor pankh), with their iridescent seven colours, is often regarded as an auspicious symbol that brings prosperity and good luck. The loop earrings for girls is made from 18kt gold and are an excellent choice for festive occasions.

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6. Personalised Charms Bracelet For Girls

Personalised Charms Bracelet

Want to gift your child all the things she loves? Check out this charms bracelet that can be personalised to include all things she adores. This gold bracelet for girls includes the child’s initial, star, heart, cupcake, flower and unicorn in pink enamel. You can have this customised in any colour of your choice. Plus, this bracelet comes with a size-adjustable clasp, so your little darling can wear this bracelet well into adulthood.

7. Panda-themed Kurta Buttons For Boys

Panda-themed Kurta Buttons

Those looking for a dashing piece of jewellery that goes well with an ethnic outfit should take a look at these intricately crafted panda-themed kurta buttons for boys. Being a versatile jewellery item, these gold kurta buttons can be worn by adults as well to add a bit of fun to their outfits. This kurta button is also available in 22kt silver. So, take your pick and buy these panda-themed kurta buttons today!

8. Customised Nazariya Bracelet For Kids

Customised Nazariya Bracelet

The nazariya bracelet is one of the best Holi gifts for a newborn baby boy and baby girl. Featuring traditional black beads, this bracelet has a star, cupcake and heart charm in pink that be customised. The beauty of the nazariya bracelet is that it can be easily layered with other jewellery. Moreover, since it is made from 18kt gold, it can be worn every day without the worry of breakage, thus ensuring your child is protected from negative energies at all times.

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9. Personalised Trishul Lapel Pin

Personalised Trishul

One of the latest jewellery designs on Doodles, this is an ideal Holi gift for those looking for a spiritual-symbol ornament with a modern twist. This Trishul lapel pin will look outstanding when worn on a kurta. To give it a unique look, you can add your child’s name to the trident, which will surely leave a memorable impression on all those who see it.

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Giving a piece of jewellery a signature look through personalisation is what we do best. Holi is an ideal occasion to add more colours to your child’s jewellery collection. This well-curated list of kids’ jewellery gifting for Holi provides you with a glimpse of the different designs, motifs, and patterns that you can choose from. There are also plenty of other options available in each category – be it bracelets and earrings or pendants and rings. Depending on the baby’s age, you can pick a Holi gift that is most suitable for them.

  • Ideally, evil-eye nazariya bracelet is well-suited for all age groups.
  • While neckpiece, earrings, pendants and rings are the classic jewellery gift item for kids.
  • For a more trendy, off-beat gold jewellery gift, you can opt for lapel pins, brooches or kurta buttons.
  • Or you can browse through our latest collection of Kada for boys and girls make a purchase.

So take your pick from the colourful jewellery available and place your order now. We’ll ensure to craft a stunning piece of jewellery for your child that’ll make this festive occasion more colourful and meaningful for them!

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