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A Guide to Choosing the Best Nazariya For Babies

Guide to Choosing the Best Nazariya For Babies

It’s an ancient belief that tying a black thread around the baby’s ankle, wrist or neck protects them from negative energies or ‘evil eyes’ or ‘Nazar’. However, a black thread may be hazardous to your baby’s health, as over time it may become unhygienic, and if the child chews on it, it could cause health issues.

Also, if the black thread is tied tightly, it may cut off circulation. Or it could irritate the baby’s sensitive skin and cause rashes or infections.

Here, switching from a black thread evil eye bracelet for a baby to a gold nazariya is the safest option. Why? Because gold is the safest metal for kids jewellery and is skin-friendly. Plus, by choosing gold nazariya for babies in bracelet or anklet style, you have the option of customising it. The best part, most nazariya bracelets for kids come with adjustable bands.

A] Nazariya For Baby: Benefits of Wearing It

  • An evil eye nazariya for babies protects them from evil spirits and negative forces, especially the ‘cruel glare’ that gets inflicted on those unaware and unsuspecting.
  • Wearing an evil eye bracelet or charm can bring your baby good luck, health and happiness.
  • The evil eye bracelet for your baby will radiate good karma and positive energy.
  • It will also protect your child from all harm and create a protective force field to maintain prosperity and peace.

B] Different Colours of Evil Eye and Their Meaning

The colour blue is widely utilised in an evil eye black thread bracelet. However, there are other colours available too. Here is a list of different evil eye colours and what they represent.

  • Dark Blue: The dark blue colour stands for karma & fate protection, relaxation and open flow of communication.
  • Light Blue: Light blue is a general protection charm that broadens perspective and offers solitude and peace.
  • Pink: Pink is known to protect your friendship and help you feel calm, content and relaxed.
  • White: White stands for purity, fresh start and focus, as it clears the clutter and obstacles for you.
  • Orange: This colour symbolises happiness and protection. It’s also a sign of motivation for commitment. An increase in creativity and playfulness is a feature of the orange colour evil eye.
  • Grey: Grey is known to protect against sorrow and increase openness to new situations.
  • Purple: Purple stands for enhanced imagination, re-balancing life and removing obstacles.
  • Yellow or Gold: Yellow or gold are believed to protect health, alleviate exhaustion, provide you with a sharper mind and better concentration.
  • Dark Green: Dark green garners happiness and balance in your life. It is also known to boost your freedom to pursue new ideas.
  • Light Green: A light green evil eye is associated with success, enjoyment, contentment and good health.

C] Popular Nazariya Bracelets For Kids

1. Beautiful Nazariya Bracelet For Newborn Baby

Celebrate your baby girl’s or boy’s special occasion with our rare baby-feet nazariya. This customised 18k gold nazariya for baby is a perfect combo of fashion and tradition. Let your baby steer clear of all the bad luck coming their way with their favourite nazariya.

2. Personalised Evil Eye Bracelet For Kids

Here is a vibrant twist to traditional charm bracelets, which your little one can wear with everything they love. This nazariya bracelet features a crown for your prince/princess. What’s more, you can personalise the nazariya bracelet with your kid’s initials.

3. Football-Inspired Nazariya Bracelet For Boys

Football-Inspired Nazariya Bracelet

Does your son love watching football? This meticulously crafted nazariya bracelet features an intricately designed miniature football paired with black beads and two evil eyes. Let your child live freely in his world as he watches/plays his favourite games while being well-protected by this charm bracelet.

4. Dolphin-Inspired Nazariya Bracelet For Babies

Dolphin-Inspired Nazariya Bracelet

Kids love watching fish swimming in a fish tank and are mesmerised by the creatures who live in the water. Crafted from 18k gold, this dolphin nazariya is a classic design that your child can wear daily. It is extremely comfortable, and the clasp ensures high safety.

5. Customised Star-Lion-Star Evil Eye Bracelet

Customised Star-Lion-Star Evil Eye

This cheery lion nazariya is made from gold and is durable & long-lasting. Its adjustable band ensures that it won’t fall off your child’s hand as he plays. Our nazariyas are highly customisable, so you can add different charms to the bracelet to make it special and unique for your little one.

6. A Pair of Nazariya Bracelets For Babies

A Pair of Nazariya Bracelets

This evil eye bracelet is a colourful amalgam of gold, enamel and beads that your baby will adore. With elaborate detail of the rainbow and clouds, it is truly a piece of elegant jewellery that your kid will treasure. This  pair of nazariya bracelets also features a star and black eye and can be customised to any design you prefer.

7. Black Beads Bracelet With Crown and Evil Eye

Black Beads Bracelet

Adorn your little girl’s wrist with this fantastic pink crown nazariya bracelet. The evil eye motif is a protection charm paired with the crown that adds to the overall beauty of the design. The best part, the pink gold crown is topped with three cubic zirconias that will make it stand out on your girl’s wrist.

Not only can your nazariya be customised as per your choice, but we can also turn your child’s favourite drawing into jewellery. To learn more, check out our blog!

8. Elephant-Inspired Evil Eye Bracelet For Kids

Wear this nazariya to ward off buri nazar. Elephants symbolise wisdom, power and good luck. This nazariya for a baby is adorned with black beads and three elephant centrepieces. Its childlike aesthetics make it a great piece of jewellery for your child. Most importantly, it is crafted from 18k gold, making it a safe accessory for kids of all ages.

9.Custom-made Nazariya Bracelet For Girls and Boys

With your child’s favourite animal and superhero paired together, this nazariya is a must-have accessory for the season. This impressive design features a unicorn charm with a superman symbol and a starfish from gold and enamel. This modern jewellery comes with a secure and delicate clasp so your child can continue with their day worry-free.

10. Cloud, Balloon and Evil Eye Bracelet

Your little girl’s happiness comes first, and having this colourful nazariya would definitely make her ecstatic. This nazariya bracelet includes rainbow coloured balloons, clouds and a blue evil eye. This jewellery is an excellent accessory that can be passed down to generations.


Nazariyas are mostly gifted to newborn babies and kids to protect them from negative energies. Choosing a nazariya for your child is easy if you know what design and type you want. At Doodles, we ensure that your child has the trendiest nazariya that suits their style. So, take your pick from the available options or better yet, send us your designs today!

If you are having trouble picking up a present for your baby’s first birthday, then check out our blog on gift ideas for baby boys and girls for inspiration.

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