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Elegant Lapel Pins and Brooches Designs For Kids

Elegant Lapel Pins and Brooches Designs For Kids

While Lapel pins was a must-have fashion accessory during the earlier times, they slowly went out of style. However, with the vintage look becoming the mantra for today’s generation, lapel pins and brooches have made a strong comeback and are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Lapel pins and brooches give an elegant touch to all outfits – western as well as ethnic. With the latest custom lapel pins that are made to suit the exact specification, this humble accessory has also become a part of the luxurious jewellery segment.

If you are looking for well-crafted, high-quality lapel pins for boys and girls, then you have come to the right place as Doodles is known for its personalized jewellery for kids that includes fantastic brooches and lapel pins. From flower lapel pins for girls to flag-themed brooches for boys, there are various patterns and design that you can choose from.

Before, we look at the various designs, first, let us learn more about lapel pins and the different types of lapel pins available.

A. What Are Lapel Pins?

An old school accessory that is undeniably stylish, the demand for Lapel pins have grown in recent times. They are a small and simple accessory that serves a purely aesthetic function on the lapel of your suit jacket. Apart from giving your outfit a touch of elegance and sophistication, they are the best way to show your style and stand out among your peers. Being a versatile piece of jewellery, it can be crafted into any style, shape or pattern as per your need. Plus, kids lapel pins and brooches have the added advantage of including colourful enamel with different motifs.

B. Different Types of Lapel Pins

  • Classic Stick Pins: These lapel pins are the classic ones that would look good on all your kid’s outfit. You could even add their name, alphabets or any motifs of their favourite cartoon character or animal to make it exclusive.
  • Mini Pins and Badges: These are the smallest version of the lapel pins. They are tiny in size which gives them the advantage of being versatile and easy to wear. Kids love wearing different types of badges and many also take an interest in collecting them.
  • Brooches: Brooches are known for their understated elegance. With dazzling enamel colours and motifs to accentuate their design, they look extraordinarily incredible and can give a dapper look to your toddler.
  • Boutonnière: These lapel pins are rather seasonal and quite hard to find. As exceptional as the name sounds, these pins have a flower (typically a white rose) attached to them and look extremely good on tuxedos and gowns.
  • Floral Lapel Pins: One of the most common lapel pins available, these look extremely charming and are made from artificial flowers in silk, satin, among others. They are mostly worn during weddings and give the wearer an edgy look.
  • Bold and Vibrant Lapel Pin: These are the best kind of lapel pins for kids. Brightly coloured lapel pins will help kids to make a fashionable statement. One fashion tips that parents can follow is to use a contrasting colour lapel pin with their kid’s outfit i.e. if your child is wearing a black jacket, then pair it with a red colour lapel pin.

C. Elegant Lapel Pins and Brooches Designs

1. Cute Bee Lapel Pin:

A simple gold pin with a cute bee attached to it is the most captivating gift you could give your child. Its intricate design and vivid play of colours give it a nice touch of radiance. This pin would look great on your little girl as it appears bright and sparkling.

2. Customised Animal Brooches:

Customised brooches are a quirky version of your kids favourite animals and would have the enamel colour of their choice. They could be anything from a lion to a dainty bird to the mystical unicorn. The choice is endless!

3. Musical Lapel Pin:

If your child is a music lover or shows a great passion for music, then gifting them a souvenir that reminds them of something they like would delight them to no end. A musical lapel pin would also reflect their personality and is a great ornament to wear for musical recitals and concerts.

4. Personalised Brooch with Chain:

This distinctive brooch will give your child a well-groomed look. Attached to two or three simple gold chains with a personalised motif, this brooch is simply exceptional. Plus, the motif could be anything – a unicorn, a sailor or even your child’s name or initials.

5. Rainbow Lapel Pin:

The chromatic colour scheme of this lapel pin gives it a luminous shine and will add a beaming & glowing effect to the kid’s outfit. Being small in size you could wear it on your jacket or hat or anywhere you want. Plus, it comes with a safety clasp to hold it securely.

6. NASA-themed Brooch:

NASA themed Brooch

This NASA-themed brooch is an excellent choice if your kid is fascinated by astronomy. It can be crafted in any colour of your choice. You could even add rockets and planets or even some moon and stars to give a nice aesthetic effect.

7. Customised Nazariya Lapel Pin:

To keep away evil eyes, parents often used traditional charm bracelets or nazariya brooches for their kids. These, however, didn’t look much appealing. Thus, one of the easiest ways to rectify this is to opt for a customised nazariya lapel pin that will not only keep the evil eyes away but also add glamour to your kid’s outfit. Also, with customisation, you can add any motifs that you want.

8. Superhero-themed Lapel Pin:

Superhero themed Lapel

Boys love superhero films, comic and especially toys. They look up to them and want to save the world. So gifting them a superhero-themed lapel pin would not only be a badge of encouragement, but also make them feel like you value their choices.

9. Personalised Name Lapel Pin:

These customised pins never go out of style. Turning your kid’s name into a lapel pin will not only make it a unique pin but also give them a nice graceful look. You could even add some beautiful motifs to it such as a classic heart, a crown or even a flag to make them more exciting and fun to look at.

10. Vintage Car Brooch:

Vintage Car Brooch

Vintage brooch is a great conversation starter. This car-shaped brooch is chic and classy, giving you a beautiful antique look. This lapel pin is perfect for weddings and would look good on Indian as well as western wear.

11. Sun and Moon Lapel Pin:

With the vibrant colour of the sun and the twinkle of the crescent, this lapel pin is an incredible choice for all occasions. Made from gold, you could also add your child’s initials to it. Plus, as a symbol of never-ending cycle, this sun & moon lapel pin can represent your endless love for your children.


Above are some of the designs you could choose from while shopping for lapel pins or brooches as a gift item. There are also several other gold jewellery gifts available such as bracelets, earrings and even pendants that look extremely good on kids. So, select the best from the available list and purchase a lapel pin for your kid today!

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