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Top Silver Jewellery Designs For Children

Top Silver Jewellery Designs For Children

The two safest metals for kid’s jewellery are gold and silver. Both these metals are free from lead, nickel and harmful materials. Plus, they are lightweight yet durable, making them an excellent option for kids of all ages. If you are looking for distinctive silver jewellery for newborn babies or kid’s bracelets and nazariya in silver, then we’ve got you covered with this list of the best silver jewellery designs for children. These are made from 22kt silver and can be customised to suit individual needs.

Silver Jewellery Designs For Kids

When buying jewellery for kids, silver is the topmost choice after gold. Silver jewellery designs are the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary chic, making them ideal for daily wear. It is also a good option for budget-conscious parents. Most importantly, being a hard metal, silver is extremely durable, thus ensuring that the jewellery crafted from it is built to last.

1. Silver Bracelets For Kids

  • Lion Slate Bracelets
  • Lion Slate Bracelets

    If you are looking for casual silver jewellery that your child can wear every day, then this bracelet is just what you need. This silver slate bracelet is ideal for both boys and girls. The slate could have your child’s name, and it comes with a lion king motif, which can be customised to include your child’s favourite animal or cartoon character.

  • Astronaut Bracelet
  • Astronaut Bracelet

    Another evergreen silver jewellery design, this children’s silver bracelet is well-suited for girls and boys. Featuring an astronaut and rocket in white, blue & red, this bracelet is simply stunning and will go well with casual outfits. The best part, the enamel colours on this silver bracelet can be changed to match your child’s preference. Buy this stunning silver astronaut bracelet today!

  • Boat and Anchor Slate Bracelet
  • Boat and Anchor Slate Bracelet

    This silver metallic charm boat and anchor bracelet is the perfect choice for kids who love the sea and the ocean. Crafted from 22kt silver, this bracelet has a slate, wherein you can engrave your child’s name. It comes with adjustable chain loops, which ensures that you can tighten or loosen it as per your child’s comfort. Also, thanks to its adjustable mechanism, this bracelet can be worn by your child for years to come.

2. Silver Kurta Buttons For Kids

  • Panda-Theme Kurta Buttons
  • Crafted from 22kt silver, this panda-theme kurta button exudes brilliant craftsmanship & artistry and is an unconventional jewellery design that will surely captivate your little one. This kurta button will add a fun element to your child’s traditional outfit. It is a great gift idea for a kid’s birthday or special occasion, or if your child loves pandas. Surprise your child today with these rare panda-themed kurta buttons.

  • Football-Theme Kurta Buttons
  • Lightweight, vibrant and full of intricate detailing, these football-themed kurta buttons can bring tremendous joy to any football fan – kids and adults alike. The enamel-covered half-footballs can have your child’s favourite colours. You can also go a step ahead and purchase this silver football bracelet to make a wonderful set of jewellery that provides your kids with a chance to show off their love for the game in an impressive way.

  • Transport-Theme Kurta Buttons
  • Accentuate your child’s traditional attire with this set of four transport-theme kurta buttons that include a car, aeroplane, boat and a train. Featuring an array of colours – red, white, blue and yellow – these silver kurta buttons are exquisite and interlinked with a silver chain. They can add a layer of richness to any outfit and are amazing collectables for those looking for quirky and aesthetic kids’ jewellery.

3. Silver Lapel Pin For Kids

  • Personalised Evil Eye Lapel Pin
  • If you searching for an exclusive jewellery design, then purchase this silver evil eye lapel pin and wear it with pride. Lapel pins are an elegant jewellery accessory that can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions. This personalised lapel pin for kids can include your child’s name or initials along with a charm of your choice. It is a great gift option for newborn babies as it has an evil eye charm in blue.

  • Butterfly and Crown Lapel Pin
  • Butterfly and Crown Lapel Pin

    This beautifully crafted lapel pin for girls has a butterfly & crown charm and can include your kid’s name. Featuring monochrome enamel charms, this lapel pin will look good on all attires – denim jacket, formal wear or ethnic attire. It is a cute accessory that’ll up your child’s fashion quotient as they express themselves with this vibrant and fun lapel pin.

  • Personalised Nasa Lapel Pin
  • This lapel pin is a fabulous gift for all kids who aspire to be an astronaut! Made from 22kt silver, it features a rocket, astronaut and star and can be personalised with your child’s name. It will blend in well with both formal and casual attire. The enamel colour of this lapel pin can be customised to give your child’s attire a super smart look. What’s more, you can make a cute jewellery set for your child by purchasing the matching astronaut bracelet.

4. Silver Nazariyas For Kids

  • Three Flower Nazariya Bracelet
  • Who says minimal jewellery design is boring? Here is a glorious pair of adjustable silver nazariya bracelets that are a magnificent gift item for newborn babies. The black beads are strung on a silver chain and include white & pick flower charms. The best part, these nazariya bracelets are lightweight and durable, making them a good choice for daily wear.

  • Colourful Butterfly Nazariya Bracelet
  • Colourful Butterfly Nazariya Bracelet

    One of the most endearing creatures in nature, the butterfly nazariya bracelet is the most whimsical piece of jewellery that your daughter would absolutely adore. Crafted from 22kt silver, the bracelet is durable, but at the same time, it will sit comfortably on your little darling’s wrist. This bracelet will complement all her outfits and is ideal for all occasions. Moreover, the enamel colour can be customised, making it a one-of-a-kind jewellery as precious as your daughter.

  • Star and Unicorn Nazariya Bracelet
  • Star and Unicorn Nazariya Bracelet

    Children’s silver jewellery design couldn’t get any more awesome than this pair of star and unicorn bracelets. If your child loves mythical and magical animals, then a unicorn bracelet would be a dream come true for them. The sparkling black beads are nestled on a silver adjustable chain, while the star & unicorn charms truly set it apart from other kid bracelets. This bracelet is a perfect blend of black and silver, making it a timeless, classic accessory.

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Silver jewellery is a delightful choice if you are searching for everyday wear kids’ jewellery. With plenty of jewellery designs and styles, you can pick the perfect gift for your child from our collection of silver products. What’s more, since we offer customised kids’ jewellery, you can send us your designs, and we’ll craft a masterpiece that your child will love and adore for years to come.

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