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Best Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Everyone

Best Birthday Jewellery Gifts For Everyone

Birthdays are very special to people. The gifts you receive make it even special. But often people are confused about what to gift? The main question played on people’s minds is, will the person like the gift? Is the gift even worth the amount paid for it? This is when gold birthday jewellery gifts come as a saviour.

A] Why gold jewellery is a good idea for birthdays?

  • Long-lasting:

Gold is an expensive metal. This metal is very soft in its original nature and is then mixed with other metals to make it stronger. This mixed gold is used to make the jewellery. The gold is resistant to corrosion if stored properly and does not get affected by moisture, water or even perfumes. Gold is also durable and long-lasting.

  • Sentimental:

Gold is gifted on special occasions. A mother’s gifts of gold jewellery to her daughter during the wedding shows the sentiments that the mother once shared with her mother. Grandparents gift gold to their grandkids on their birthdays as it is a representation of the love they have for them. Gifting newborn gold jewellery represents the zeal and happiness of the new family member. All these gifts carry very high sentimental values.

  • You can hand it down to the next generation:

Gold is a metal that lasts long. Good quality gold jewellery is very durable. You often see a grandmother handing over her jewellery to her grandkids. It is a sign of the love that is passed on to the next generation. The best part of gold jewellery is that it can be revamped and remoulded into new designs.

  • Monetary value:

Gold has a very high monetary value. It is one such commodity that will seldom see a downside. Relatively, every year the value of gold keeps on increasing. You can invest your money in buying gold coins and later when you feel like you can remould them into the jewellery of your choice.

  • Age and gender no bar:

There is no specific age where you can start or stop wearing gold jewellery. Both men and women can wear the appropriate gold jewellery of their choice.

B] Different options for birthday jewellery gift

1. Neckpiece:


Do you want to gift your loved one something they’d love? You can’t go wrong with a customisable gold necklace. Choosing the right gold neckpieces is beneficial as it compliments your child’s personality and is suitable for every occasion.. To add to the uniqueness of your neckpiece, you can add various motifs such as flowers, animals, stars, crowns, and much more.

2. Pendants:


Pendants are added accessories to the necklace. They are tiny yet a favourite of people of all ages. Gold pendants can be gifted on all occasions to any gender or any age person. Pendants come in different styles, such as your initial, name, and other charms. Kids love colourful jewellery, and you can gift your little one different shapes like their favourite cartoon characters, animals, flowers or different motifs.

3. Bracelets:


Bracelets enhance the beauty of hands. A simple bracelet with minimum design is best for both kids and adults for daily use. Beautify your bracelet with hanging motifs that carry the sentiments of the wearer. These personalised bracelets are cute, elegant and stylish. They come with a safety clasp, ensuring they are safe for babies. So give your little darling a birthday charm bracelet with a chic-stylish twist.

4. Earrings:


Earrings add glamour, grace and style to a girl’s face. In many cultures, girls start wearing earrings from a very early stage. Gold earrings are mostly preferred as they are durable and long-lasting. They can also be paired with numerous outfits. If you are searching for a piece of one-of-a-kind jewellery, you’ve reached the right place. Our personalised earring collection consists of butterflies, diamonds, cupcakes, crowns, hearts, flowers and so on.

5. Lapel Pins:

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have been in use for years for kids. It enhances your outfits and also can is used as a clothes fastener. Kids at times forget to carry a handkerchief, or they do not have functional pockets. This is when a mother uses a lapel pin to pin the handkerchief, an ID card or phone number on the kid’s shirt.

Plain lapel pins make an outfit dull. To add a zing to the lapel pin, you can add various hanging charms on it. You can even customise the lapel pins with your child’s names. It can also have a favourite cartoon character your kid loves, or any motifs such as animals, flowers, etc.

6. Rings:


Every girl loves wearing a ring. So, there is nothing more joyful than receiving a customisable gold ring with your favourite charm, or your initial on it. Feel closer to your loved ones with our 18kt gold rings that can be worn by both kids and adults. These quirky design rings can also be paired with the same charm earring and neckpieces to create a complete set.

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7. Kada:


Kada or bangles are worn by both kids and adults. It is the thicker version of a bracelet. They suit both traditional and western outfits. When kids are born, they receive a Kada as a birthday gift bracelet. You can add special motifs, like flowers, animals, birds, or cartoon characters, to create a rare kada. To give a more personal touch, you can always have a name written on the kada.

8. Collar Pins:

Collar Pins

Kids’ clothes can sometimes become monotonous and dull. You can’t go wrong with these exquisitely designed collar pins if you’re interested in giving your child’s clothes a trendy look. Each collar pin is intricately crafted to ensure a perfect finish. These 18kt customisable collar pins are suitable for all ages and can be worn on special occasions such as festive parties, weddings, and formal dinners.

9. Nazariya Bracelets:

Nazariya Bracelets

Nazariya bracelets commonly referred to as evil-eye bracelets are mostly the first gifts a newborn child receives. The intention of gifting the nazariya bracelet is to eliminate negative vibes and keep the baby protected from all harm. You can customise the nazariya bracelets by adding names, initials or extra charms to the bracelets. This action enhances the value of the gift.

10. Kurta Buttons:

Kurta Buttons

Boys do not generally have many options where jewellery or ornaments are concerned. Kurta buttons are a unique ornament a boy can ever wear. For kids, you can have the buttons enamelled. They can wear shapes of cartoon characters, football, flowers, cars, animals or birds. You can customise the kurta buttons according to the taste of your kid.


Choosing the perfect birthday jewellery gifts can be challenging. However, with personalised jewellery, you can add a personal touch to your gifts. No matter if you gift neckpieces, rings, pendants, collar pins or earrings as a birthday gift, they will always be treasured for life.

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