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Latest Festival Jewellery for Babies That Are Trending

Latest Festival Jewellery For Babies That Are Trending

India has a diverse culture. Due to various cultures, there are numerous festivals celebrated in India. It is a common practice to exchange gifts during these festivals. Not only adults but kids also receive gold jewellery as gifts.

Newborn babies are mostly gifted gold jewellery, even as a child receives gifts for the achievement of various milestones while growing up. Kids and infants have limited ideas about the jewellery they wear. Thus, parents need to teach them the value and importance of jewellery and how to take care of them.

A. Ideas to Add Fun to Kids Festival Jewellery Collection

Kids have vibrant and bubbly personalities, so giving them some old-fashioned, boring designs would make them run away from the jewellery. Parents can experiment while purchasing jewellery their kids wear to make the jewellery more acceptable to the kids.

  • Adding colours: To add to your children’s Indian jewellery collection, you can buy gold jewellery in different enamel colours. Use your kids’ favourite colours to make the jewellery more attractive. Using bright colours always helps to lighten up the mood of the kids.
  • Use different motifs: For kids, different motifs like animals, birds, flowers, shapes or their favourite cartoon or superhero works wonders. You can use these motifs for any piece of jewellery like earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, kurta buttons or necklaces.
  • Keep it simple: The fastening and unfastening of the jewellery has to be simple enough for parents to use it. Do not add too many motifs or characters to one piece of jewellery. The simpler the jewellery, the more elegant it will look.

B. Jewellery for Baby Girl

  • Necklace:


A small neckpiece around the neck with tiny pendants is apt for fancy occasions. Enamelled pendants add value to the charm of the neckpiece. If you’re looking for a unique neckpiece, the name neckpiece with hanging charms is trending these days. The pendant for your neckpiece can be personalised as per your wish with a full name or just an initial. You can even add different motifs to make your festival necklace stand out from the others. Gift a customised neckpiece to your little one and see her go ‘wow’ in amazement.

  • Earrings:


The best gift you can give a girl is earrings. Small studs are the most widely gifted articles for small girls. It is preferred to select gold earrings for kids as their skin is delicate. For a toddler, you can gift festival earrings with motifs like rainbows, different shapes, flowers, butterflies, baby animals or cupcakes.

  • Bracelets:


Bracelets are one of the ornaments that a kid wears once born. You can even personalise the bracelet with names or initials engraved on it. To add to its uniqueness various small and beautiful charms can be used. These charms can be flowers, fruits, hearts, unicorns, angels, bows, butterflies, and so on. The nazariya bracelets have an evil eye motif to keep the negative energy away. You can get it customised as per your kid’s preference.

  • Kada:


Kada is a thick metal ring or bracelet similar to a bangle. Girls love wearing gold ornaments as it holds a nostalgic value. These gold kadas are available in floral, butterflies, cupcakes, animal patterns, and so on. There are different types of kadas – one type is a religious kada. The other type is a plain gold kada with a charm. The plain kada can become boring; to liven up your kada add different shapes and motifs at the end of the adjusting kadas.

  • Rings:


Girls can wear rings on all their fingers. As kids are naive, baby jewellery should be of blunt edges to prevent injury. So give your child a personalised ring  with their name written in gold letters and embellished with multi-coloured enamel. You can opt for a charm ring to make the jewellery a memento.

C] Jewellery for Baby Boy

  • Bracelets:


Customised bracelets never go out of style. These gold-plated bracelets for your boy would be a memorable gift he’d treasure for life. You can also add a unique touch by adding your kid’s name or initials or some interesting and fun elements to it. From the size, colour and design, all elements can be customised according to your preference. With so much thought and love behind making this gift special, it will surely delight your child during the naming ceremony, first birthday or Diwali.

  • Chains:


Choose a type of neckpiece for your boy that gives traditional gold jewellery a dynamic twist with colourful enamel, latest designs and styles. A personalised 18kt neckpiece for your boy ensures that they are durable yet lightweight and perfectly suitable for toddlers, teenagers, as well as young adults. Browse through our various options for boys, such as football, cartoon character, superheroes, animals, and much more.

  • Kada:


It is preferred to gift a boy a plain hard kada. However, you can add a little bit of zeal to this kada by including different motifs at the ends of it. For boys, charms of leaves, balls, cars, superheroes, or cartoons can be used. You can either get it platinum plated or enamelled.

  • Kurta Button:

Kurta Button

Uplift the traditional outfit of your boys by adding some fancy kurta buttons. There are various button options such as animals, vehicles, footballs, hearts, spaceships and much more to make your child’s kurta stand out. These customisable kurta buttons are enamelled to give them a classy look. So dress your favourite men in an outfit with these stylish kurta buttons as statement accessories.

  • Lapel Pins:

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins can add trendiness to your little man’s outfit. The plain boring lapel pin can become vibrant by adding small hanging charms or motifs or some design. For boys, you can have animals, numbers, alphabets, shapes or flower motifs to make the lapel pin look trendy. The lapel pin can also be personalised by adding your kid’s name to it.

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Be it any occasion or festival, gifting is just a way of expressing your love and bond. Online gold jewellery for kids gives you a variety of jewellery gifting options so you can easily find a present as per their choice and taste. Also, thanks to custom-made quirky and trendy jewellery, you can keep up the interest of the kids wearing them. For more gifting ideas, check out our blog – Kids Jewellery ideas.

So, wait no longer and make a purchase of jewellery that suits your kid’s fashion style and personality now!

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