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Personalised Name Necklace in Gold: Why is it the Best Gift?

Personalised Name Necklace In Gold Why Is It The Best Gift

Gold has always been a prized asset for most Indians. It has been an age-old practice of gifting gold jewellery on various occasions like birthdays, important milestones, and weddings.

Gold is the symbol of power, beauty and purity. It is not only a prized possession but also enhances the beauty of the wearer. It is believed that gold possesses warm energy that attracts calming vibes and helps heal the body. Gold jewellery also has lots of emotions attached to it.

It is one such possession that can be passed on from generation to generation as it is long-lasting. You can also opt for customised gold jewellery of your choice like rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets and more.

The most gifted gold jewellery is a necklace. Few of the necklaces are gender neutral, whereas few are exclusively for females. Kids can have a thin gold/silver chain or a customised name necklace.

A] Types of Necklaces

  • Chain: It is the most simple and widely used necklace. It can be a thin or a thick chain, which can be worn by anyone of any age or gender. They are perfect for formal and casual wear.
  • Necklace with charms: It is the trendiest necklace of present times. The charms can bring out the personality of your child. The hanging initials or charms attached to the necklace can become the centre of attraction. Like this personalised name necklace in gold. The charms can be the name initials, fancy motifs, evil eyes, or any design you like.
  • Pendant necklace: It is usually a thin chain with a pendant. It can be your child’s birthstone, precious stones, or initials. A pendant necklace is ideal for everyday use and can be worn by kids as well as adults.

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  • Name necklace: Name necklaces are your emotions turned into a beautiful piece of  If you want to gift a name necklace to your loved ones or kids, you can give it a personalised touch by adding their names or initials in varied enamel colours. Like this enamel font neckpiece.
  • Choker: A choker necklace fits perfectly around the You can have trendy designs as per your choice and occasion. This is mostly worn by females to beautify and complete their outfits.
  • Princess necklace: Princess necklaces are luxurious neckpieces encrusted with expensive gems. It has a centrepiece that hangs just below the collarbone.

B] How to choose a name necklace in gold?

  • Pattern: You need to decide on the pattern of the name necklace. Whether you want the name attached to the chain or a dangling name. Textured name necklaces, name necklaces with an evil eye or a nametag pattern are a few other options.
  • The material used: You need to decide on the material to be used to make the name necklace. Whether you want gold, white gold, rose gold or sil Gold name necklaces are the safest for kids. Silver necklaces are also durable and excellent for kids.

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  • Style: Personal style might differ from person to person. Whether you want your name along with your child’s name or only your child’s name, these factors can define the styling of the necklace. You can have your child’s initials either hanging from the chain or attached to the chain.

If you want, you can add an evil eye to the name necklace. If you like delicate jewellery, select a thin chain and small font for your child. If you want the necklace to stand out, select a long thick chain with big fonts.

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C] Different Name Necklaces For Boys and Girls

Personalised Name Necklace for Boys:

Personalised Name Necklace for Boys

Even boys can enjoy their choice of neckpieces. A name necklace in gold would be perfect for a boy that he can continue wearing even when he grows up. This personalised name necklace is made of 18kt gold and is an ideal gift for casual wear.

3 Name Neckpiece with a Round Evil Eye:

3 Name Neckpiece

If you want all your kids names on the necklace, this is the option for you. It has an evil eye placed in the centre that will keep the negative energy away and protect your child. The three name neckpiece is a representation of the parent’s love for their kid. Gifting similar neckpieces to siblings will strengthen the family bond.

Customised Name Necklace For Girls With Dangling Crown:

Necklace For Girls With Dangling Crown

The customised name necklace for girls have vibrant enamel colours to make the neckpiece more beautiful. This neckpiece can be customised as per the size, name and colours for enamel. The dangling crown on the necklace enhances the beauty of the enamelled name necklace.

Name Necklace in Gold With Elephant and Star:

Name Necklace in Gold With Elephant and Star

There are multiple necklace designs for girls, but this name necklace with enamelled elephant and star is one-of-its-kind. It has a cute little elephant enamelled on the side, along with a star. The elephant represents strength, while the star symbolises the kids’ shining inner beauty.

Dangling Name Neckpiece with Enamel Charm:

Enamel Charm

This unique dangling name neckpiece with enamel charms is for girls and will add dazzle to their overall outfit. It has a style quotient that will make your kid stand out. Each customised charm will give a special touch to the necklace. The pink butterfly, rainbow, cupcake and dual-coloured heart also make this necklace fashionable and trendy.

To sum up

We always worry about what options to select while gifting gold to somebody. Now, this confusion ends with these beautiful name necklace options. The names on the necklace give a personal touch to the gift. These gold name necklaces are also evergreen and can be worn even after the kid grows up.

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