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Turn Your Kid’s Drawing Into Unique Gold and Silver Jewellery


Whether it’s their first step or their first day at school, all parents want to capture these milestones in order to treasure them forever. Childhood is the most wonderful time and the memories that we make during this time stay with us for a lifetime. Among all these beautiful moments and memories, one thing that stands out is the child’s creative side be it singing, dancing or drawing.

Speaking about drawings specifically, toddlers have an impressive imagination that is so different from the others yet they are not scared to show it to the world. From a two-horn unicorn to a family portrait to their version of mother nature as they see it, every art they make is unique and priceless.

With the advent of customised jewellery for kids, parents now have the option of turning their kids’ artwork into jewellery. Yes, you heard that right!

From pendants to bracelets and elegant brooches, there are endless options for parents to simply turn their kids drawing into an ornament of their choice. Children’s personalised jewellery is a timeless memento and fantastic keepsake. As such, we at Doodles can make this happen with our exquisite craftsmanship.

You just have to send us a photograph of your child’s sketches and we’ll replicate them for you either in gold or silver. To get a better perspective about the concept of kid’s drawing jewellery, check out these jewellery design ideas.

Children’s Drawings Jewellery Ideas

1. Dainty Handprints and Footprints

This is by far one of the most popular jewellery drawings. Mostly, handprints and footprints are the child’s first artwork that leaves parents impressed. These sketches of dainty hand/footprints look extremely adorable. Thus, you can turn this into jewellery by making a customised pendant for your little one. Or you can even use them as motifs in bracelets or brooches.

2. Cute Cat Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are always in trend and what’s better than a personalised lapel pin for your toddler. Your child’s drawing can give the traditional lapel pins a funky twist that makes them stand out among the crowd. Turning their art into a personalised gift will also make them feel appreciated and motivate them to enhance their skills. So, if your child loves to draw cats, then you can easily immortalise it with a lapel pin.

3. Fresh Blossom Earrings

Fresh Blossom Earrings

Flower designs are widely popular and one of the first drawings created by kids. You can convert this art into beautiful earrings that would look distinctive and strikingly beautiful. With earrings, parents have the option of choosing different colour enamel that will make this design more vibrant. You can also pair earrings with a matching blossom designed neckpiece, thereby making a complete jewellery set for your kid.

4. Original Self Portrait

Self-portraits can also be turned into jewellery. Children love to draw sketches of what they think they look like. This can be a splendid gift that will bring a smile to their face for years to come. Apart from self-portraits, children often like to draw an image of their parents and siblings or their favourite cartoon character or toy. Thus, all of these portraits are an ideal material for one-of-a-kind jewellery design.

5. Handwritten Name Necklace

The first words that a child learns to write is a major milestone for most parents. It could either be their name or Mom or Dad or just alphabets. This makes for an excellent jewellery design that can be turned into wonderful handwritten necklaces. Being unique, these necklaces will never go out of style and is a great keepsake that kids will forever cherish.

6. Butterfly Earrings

Butterflies have always left kids and adults enthral by their ethereal beauty. Kids find them quite alluring and like to sketch them using different colours. Here, a butterfly drawing can be turned into spectacular earrings in gold or silver. You also have the option of choosing an enamel of your choice. This gift will surely dazzle your little girl, bring her much joy.

7. Unicorn Lapel Pins

This mystical creature has intrigued kids for ages. When designed into a lapel pin or earrings, personalised Unicorn jewellery will captivate your kid with its sheer brilliance. If your kid adores unicorn and draw it often, then you can give him/her this special gift in gold or silver. Unicorn lapel pins, in particular, is an exceptional choice to be paired with western outfits.

8. Superhero Sketch Kurta Buttons

Boys tend to worship superhero figures and you may find sketches dedicated to their favourite hero in abundance. Instead of buying a superhero toy that will probably break in a few days, you can turn their sketches into a memorable gift with a gold/silver ornament. Customised kurta buttons are fashionable and add a splash of colour to their traditional outfits. So, don’t wait and turn their drawing into these elegant buttons to give them a dapper look.

9. Unique Illustrations

Unique Illustrations

While some kids drawings may make no sense to adults, these may be special to your child. Be it an illustration of moon in blue or trees covered with their favourite toys, these illustrations can make for another amazing jewellery design. Also, since they are likely to be unique, it will give your kid an edge in style and make a great addition to their jewellery collection.

10. Rainbow Collar Pins

Collar pins are another popular gold jewellery design for boys. Rainbow collar pins are strikingly beautiful and colourful just like your toddler’s fantasies. What’s more, your kid’s rainbow can include the colours they want, which will make the collar pins look more quirky and radiant.

11. Animal-themed Neckpiece

Animal themed Neckpiece

Kids are very fond of animals and birds and you can often see them trying to draw an image of the bird they see from their window or an animal they most love. Among the animals, kids love to draw lions, tigers and elephants. If you find an image of an animal or bird amongst your kid’s drawings, then you can turn your child’s drawing into jewellery. Animal-themed personalised neckpieces are quite popular, so is animal-shaped kids bracelets. So, take your pick and send us the design today!

12. Car-themed Bracelet

All kids are fascinated with cars, with boys obsessing over them a tad more than girls. If your child’s favourite thing to draw is the car, then you have got yourself a design idea for making jewellery. For boys, car-themed bracelets are quite popular. You can also opt for car-themed kurta buttons or lapel pins. The best part, all of these jewellery items can include your child’s favourite colour, and it would surely become their most treasured piece to wear.

13. Family Neckpiece

For kids, their family is the most important part of their life. You would often find them drawing their family together to celebrate and show how much they mean to them. So, if there is a family sketch drawn by your kid, then you can turn it into a charming necklace that would mean the world to them.


Above are some of the notable designs for a child’s personalised jewellery gift. The creativity of kids knows no bounds and converting a child’s drawing into jewellery is a fabulous idea that you can’t go wrong with. Thus, send us these design if you want to create customised jewellery and for any query, you can get in touch with us.

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