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10+ Dazzling Gold Jewellery Designs For Your Little Boy


Boys are often picky about jewellery as they aren’t as enthusiastic as a girl when it comes to wearing them. Parents and loved ones alike are quite excited when it comes to gifting the baby boy his first gift, and gold gifting for the newborn is an age-old tradition. However, there are not many choices when it comes to gold jewellery for a baby boy and this is where, we at Doodles can help you.

We offer customised gold jewellery for kids that are not only unique, but also memorable. You could add in your ideas or even consider your kid’s ideas and create a piece of jewellery that is one-of-a-kind and simply stunning. Personalised jewellery also adds a luxurious element to kids outfit giving them a graceful yet dapper look.

Top Jewellery Designs For Boys

Here a few top gold jewellery for a baby boy that is trending and would simply look adorable on your infant/toddler.

1. Car-themed Gold Bracelet:

It’s hidden from no one how much boys adore cars and have a huge fascination for them. So when thinking about an ideal gift for your little boy on his birthday what’s better than his favourite car-inspired gold bracelet? Gold bracelet for a baby boy is a popular jewellery option and would look extremely classy on your son, who would love to flaunt it for sure!

2. Superhero-themed Kurta Buttons:

Traditional kurta when worn during weddings and festivals look especially classy, and adding some fancy kurta buttons to them would surely make a style statement. You could also give your child a royal look by adding some chains to them that connects through their square pockets. What’s more, to make it more exciting for your kid, you could even get the kurta buttons personalised with their favourite superheroes..

3. Nazariya Bracelets:

To protect the child from evil eyes, parents often tie a black thread around their wrist. But with changing times, parents want this thread to be an essential part of their child’s day-to-day life while at the same time they want it to look cute on their baby. Thus, here a customised nazariya bracelet with black beads and mother of pearls stone is a perfect choice as it is a combination of both tradition and fashion. You could also add your kid’s name to the bracelet for further personalization.

4. NASA-themed Lapel Pins:

Is your kid amazed by stars? Do they have a fascination with planets and astronomy? Lapel pins have been an integral part of the fashion industry and give a luxurious look when worn by boys and girls alike. So, this is another piece of offbeat gold jewellery for a baby boy that you can consider. NASA-themed lapel pins decorated with rockets & stars in rich colour makes it look vibrant. Plus, you can add your kid’s name too.

5. Personalised Pendants:

This intricate jewellery is must-have for all kids. With their simple elegance, pendants look extremely modish especially around the dainty neck of newborn. Having a personalised pendant made just for your toddler would be the most memorable gift that they’ll treasure forever. Pendants include different options namely heart pendant, name pendant, moon and star pendants, among others. You can also add some motifs to make it more interesting. A lightweight pendant with a simple baby boy gold chain is also a popular choice amongst kids jewellery.

6. Royal Collar Pin:

Now buckle up your kid’s collar with a unique royal collar pin. Its aesthetically pleasing design will give your kid a distinctive look. These pins are specifically made for keeping both the tabs of your collars together. You can never go wrong with these collar pins as they give your child a sophisticated look. A chain attached to it will also give your child a sleek look while complementing their outfit.

7. Soccer-ball ID Bracelets:

Football or soccer is probably one of the most played games by boys, irrespective of their age. They love this sports and spent most of the time playing even in the hot sun. Most boys are even passionate about it. So it would be exceedingly pleasant for them if you gift them a soccer ID gold bracelet that they can wear daily. With their 18kt gold and colourful enamels & motifs, these bracelets are a delightful piece of jewellery for your toddler and would surely make them stand out in the crowd.

8. Customised Name Neckpieces:

Gold chains are another popular pieces of jewellery available. Having a customised name neckpiece is a valuable gift to give your kids as it is not only unique but also makes the wearer look super classy. From personalising it with their name in cursive to adding in some fun interesting figures to make them more exciting, this gold jewellery option is for all ages.

9. Animal-inspired Brooches:

Brooches have been a part of fashion for a long time now. They are elegant and look exceptionally graceful with colourful enamels and designs. Gold brooches for boys are an excellent choice for a gift that they can wear well into their adulthood. Adding your child’s name or favourite animal is one of the ways through which you can personalise these brooches.

10. Superhero Bracelets:

Kids idealise superheroes. They are crazy about them and absolutely adore them. Thus, what’s best than gifting them a bracelet inspired by their superhero. It would be a huge fan moment for them as they would not stop flaunting it. These bracelets would go well with every outfit, giving them a nice well-groomed look. Any superhero figure with a witty twist would look cute yet dashing, but make sure to pick one that they would love the most.

11. Lego-themed Lapel Pins:

Turn their creativity and artistic approach into their favourite lapel pins. Lego’s are loved by everyone, they bring life to your child’s wild imagination. They would probably be your child’s favourite toy to play with. Lego-inspired lapel pins would look chic and would surely bring out a smile to your kid’s face. You could even add his name or initials to it, thereby making it more personalised and distinctive.


These are a few jewellery options that you could choose for your little guy. Finding jewellery for your son can be tricky as the options are limited. But with some customising, you would be able to give your kid the gift he always wanted. A fusion of their dearest things and gold would also act as the best investment plan and an asset for their future.

If you want to explore more gifting options, you could check out our blog on different ideas for gold gifting. This will provide you with many more jewellery options.

Also make sure that when you are selecting jewellery for your kid to choose a safe metal as not all metals are kid-friendly. Check out our guide to kid’s jewellery to know which metal and design will best suit a kid.

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