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Fantastic Jewellery Gift Ideas For First Time (New) Mom

Fantastic Jewellery Gift Ideas For First Time (New) Mom

Jewellery is one of the most popular gifts to give to a first-time mother. Jewellery shows your appreciation and love towards them and proves to be not only memorable but also a nice souvenir that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. While choosing from the various jewellery options available in the market, a personalised ornament bought while considering all the things they like would be a great gift.

The birth of a baby is a happy moment for the entire family. As such, what could be better than celebrating it by investing in gold jewellery that can be passed on to future generations?

Below are a few new mom jewellery gift ideas that you can check out and if you like any design, you can make a purchase right away.

A] Jewellery Gift For New Moms

1. Classic Heart Necklace:

Alphabet style Necklaces

There is a lot of ways to tell someone you love them, but the easiest way is to say it with jewellery. Gifting a classic heart necklace to a new mom will not represent your love for them but also show your gratitude. The best part, gold heart necklace is an evergreen accessory that is ideal for all occasions and will make your loved ones look more alluring.

2. Personalised Name Pendant:

Personalised Name Pendant

What could more personal than a customised name pendant? This new mom jewellery design is trendy & versatile and can be used for daily wear. To make it more memorable, you can opt for a hand-written pendant that can be further customised with colourful charms.

3. Initials Neckpieces:

Double chain Neckpieces

Another great first-time mom jewellery, these neckpieces simply consists of the alphabets or initials of the mother. This could be an ideal gift for a new mom, wherein you can even add the baby’s initials along with other motifs as per your choice. If you have already decided on the baby’s name, then this could be a fantastic gift for the soon-to-be mom. What’s more, to make it special, you could gift twin necklaces to both – the mother and the child.

4. Bella Bracelet:

The healthy pregnancy glow makes every soon-to-be-mom look beautiful and radiant. Gifting them a Bella bracelet is a nice depiction of this beauty. You can even add fun elements to it such as cupcakes, ice creams, etc. Also, as a personalised bracelet for new moms, you could further add the initials of all your kids.

5. Nazariya Bracelet:

CharmNazariya Bracelets

Generally, parents are the ones who buy nazariya adorned jewellery for their kids. But what we do not realize is that a new mom also needs a charm to keep away all evil eyes. Here a nazariya bracelet is an excellent choice that you can’t go wrong with. This is one of the most sought-after new mom gifts that include the mother of pearl eye that usually comes in a round shape but can be customised in any shape of your choice. For example, a flower shape or butterfly shape. You could even add some black beads to the bracelet to give it a traditional look.

6. Butterfly Earrings:

Earrings would be an ideal gift to give to a new mom as it represents freedom and marks a new beginning. They are a popular piece of fashionable jewellery that is dainty and have an easy to wear mechanism. Butterfly earrings are an exquisite design as they are bright, colourful and look extremely pretty. Their vibrant wings also give it a nice touch and look very graceful when mixed with two colours.

7. Engraved Pendants:

When searching for gifts for new mothers, engraved pendants tops the list. There are several patterns to choose from which could turn even the most plain pendant into an intimate gift. Engraved pendants look incredibly beautiful. With their luxurious designs, you could even add some messages or quotes to it that would give new mothers strength and courage to start their new journey in life. Or you could even write ‘Mama’ and add some nice colours & designs to make it more adorable.

8. Cute Baby-inspired Charm Neckpiece:

Charms are the best way to capture a special moment and what’s more special than the birth of a child and becoming a mother. You could imprint handprints or footprints of the baby on it to make the neckpiece more magical and aesthetic. These gold neckpieces can be designed into any shape you desire. You could even add some engraved letters or name to it. What’s more, apart from the neckpiece, you could even turn these designs into a new mom charm bracelet.

9. Zodiac-themed Earrings:

Zodiac signs are in trend as they not only look unique but also enchanting. These personalised earrings would give the conventional zodiac signs a quirky modern twist. So while choosing her astrological sign, go ahead and add some other elements to make these gold earrings look more distinctive.

10. Flower Blossom Brooches:

Brooches are another fashion accessory that goes well with ethnic wear and western gowns. They are highly elegant, and flower blossom brooches especially are extremely vibrant and can include the colours of your choice. They are also a great keepsake and the older they become, the more vintage it looks. Check out lapel pins and brooches design here.

11. Dangling Bracelets:

These types of bracelets mostly include motifs, which in this case can represent the soon-to-be mom’s favourite things. It could be anything from animal figurines and stars to shoes, food items, or even their favourite character (Wonder woman). These tiny elements are hooked on to an elegant gold chain and look fascinating when worn. You could even add some white beads to it to make the dangling bracelet more interesting.

12. Starry-eyed Bracelet:

If you are looking for a new mom charm bracelet, then this nazariya-style bracelet is a spectacular choice. With their celestial pattern, these starry-eyed bracelet has the mother of the pearl eye in the middle. This could be the perfect accessory for a new mother that is stylish and a great way to protect them from all evils.

13. Queen Neckpieces:

Personalised Name Necklaces

Mothers are the real queen. They are strong, fierce and caring, so offering them this queen neckpiece would show your respect towards them. A crown with the enamel colour of your choice can add-on to its distinctive charm. You could even add it in a name necklace or an initial pendant. This neckpiece is the most amazing jewellery gift for new moms, and to make it more unforgettable, you could make it a set by adding earrings to it.


Above are a few recommendations for personalised jewellery for new moms. At Doodles, we try to make every piece of jewellery special for you, your loved ones, and your kids. From intricate designs to various patterns and colours, we value your choices and try our utmost to bring them to life. Also, check out our recent blog on jewellery gifting for a newborn child.

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