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Top 9 Mommy and Me Gold Bracelet Designs

Top 9 Mommy And Me Gold Bracelet Designs

A mother’s love is like an everlasting bed of roses that continues to blossom. Erich Fromm quoted “The mother’s love is bliss, is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.”

The bond between a mother and her children is the purest in the world. Every daughter looks up to her mother and wants to be like her. Also, mother and daughter share a special bond that is engraved in their hearts.

Wearing their mother’s jewellery has a special significance for daughters. In today’s time, most mothers opt for mother-daughter jewellery as they love to go twinning with their little princess. This special type of jewellery gives a beautiful meaning to a piece of gold and goes a long way to form an everlasting connection.

At Doodles, to make this bond last, we have crafted exquisite jewellery that includes bracelet designs for mother and daughter. This mommy and baby matching jewellery is excellent for all occasions and is sure to light up your overall outfit. These personalised bracelets will help keep mothers connected to their kids even when they are physically apart.

We, at Doodles, are known for our spectacular collection of kids’ jewellery. We hope that this mommy and me bracelet collection will WOW you with its fantastic styles. Thus, without further ado, let’s check out these bracelets that you can purchase right away!

Top Mommy and Me Gold Bracelet Designs

1. Customised Butterfly Bracelet for Mother and Daughter:

Customised Butterfly Bracelet for Mother and Daughter

Proudly wear this mother-child bracelet to immortalise your love for each other. You can get a pair of these gold bracelets with your and your kids’ name on them. With this customised butterfly bracelet, you can also add a charm or two to remind you of all the good things in your life.

2. 5 Charms Bracelets for Twinning With Your Child:

5 Charms Bracelets for Twinning With Your Child

A charm bracelet is a glorious gift to celebrate milestones. You can celebrate every occasion by adding one charm to the bracelet. This charming set of mommy and me matching bracelets can feature a yin-yang charm which will bring balance, love, and peace to your child’s life. It can also feature your initials, your favourite flower, animal, and practically anything that you like. What’s more, all charms can be designed to include the enamel colour of your choice. Wonderful, isn’t it!

3. Angel Wing, Evil Eye, and Name Bracelet:

Angel Wing, Evil Eye, and Name Bracelet

This delightful angel wing and evil eye bracelet is another excellent mother-daughter personalised bracelet that you can purchase now! An angel wing blesses the wearer with its strength to soar high and achieve great heights. The evil-eye motif keeps all the negativity away and provides powerful protection. The cherry on top is that you can tailor this bracelet by adding names or mantras close to your heart.

4. Customised Mommy and Me Gold Bracelet:

Customised Mommy and Me Gold Bracelet

Profess your love for your kids with our mommy and me gold bracelet design. Personalise your charm by adding the names of your children to the bracelet. To enhance the beauty of these charms, we can add a girl or a boy charm to the bracelet. This can be a memorable gift that will last for a lifetime.

5. Crown with Initials Bracelet for Mom and Kids:

Crown with Initials Bracelet for Mom and Kids

This 18 kt gold bracelet for new moms features a crown in white enamel and can include your child’s initials or birth date. You can purchase an identical bracelet in this design for your child and add a personal message. The colour of the enamel can be changed to suit your preference. You also have an option to customise the crown bracelet with the initials of your kids and you.

6. Feet with Evil Eye Mother and Baby Bracelet:

Feet with Evil Eye Mother and Baby Bracelet

The kids’ tiny hands and feet make them so adorable. But one day, they will grow up, and you will be unable to hold their tiny limbs in your hands. This gold bracelet with little feet will preserve the fond memories of your kid’s childhood. The addition of an evil eye on the bracelet will ensure to keep all negativity away from your kid. We also provide an option to customise these feet with an evil eye bracelet by adding initials of your choice. Your initials on the circular letter will make it stand out.

7. Evil Eye White Gold Bracelet for Mother and Child:

Evil Eye White Gold Bracelet for Mother and Child

Mother symbolises love, compassion, elegance and power at the same time. Every mother deserves to be protected. So, what better way to protect her, than buying this evil eye white gold bracelet to keep all negativity away from her. This bracelet design also embodies the strength in the bond that a mother shares with her kids.

8. Mother & Daughter Personalised bracelet:

Mother & Daughter Personalised bracelet

A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with and love with all your heart. Doodles have come up with a bracelet that exudes only love and affection. Seal your love for your daughter with our mother and daughter bracelet. You can embellish this bracelet with an angel wing charm and add your names to it.

9. Hamsa Hand Bracelet for Mom and Baby:

Hamsa Hand Bracelet for Mom and Baby

The hamsa hand symbolises fertility and goodness for a female. It is considered a blessing and a good luck charm for females planning to conceive. This hamsa hand bracelet has an evil eye embedded in the centre and is an ideal gift for couples.


A mother thinks about her children day and night, even if they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand. We deliver the purest and most honest form of love through our unique jewellery designs. We keep in mind the feelings involved and help you express your love for your kids via our jewellery. We also give personal attention to every order as customer satisfaction is our top priority. So, pick the best mommy and me gold bracelet from the above list, or browse through our website for more jewellery design ideas.

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