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Gifts to Sister on Raksha Bandhan: Top Jewellery Gift Ideas

Gifts To Sister On Raksha Bandhan Top Jewellery Gift Ideas

India being a secular country has many religions that people follow. There are over fifty festivals celebrated in our country by different people of different cultures and religions. These festivals are an integral part of the heritage of our country. The basic purpose of the festivals is to meet and greet people and spread love and warmth. One such festival is Raksha Bandhan, celebrated by siblings.

Raksha Bandhan means “protection” and “bond”. It is a celebration of the love and the bond between siblings. On this day, the sister ties rakhi on the brother’s wrist as a token of love. The brother gifts something to the sister, promising to protect her under all circumstances. This festival is celebrated year after year.

Brothers are often confused about what to gift their sisters. So, if you are searching for unique Raksha Bandhan gifts for sisters, then below is a list of gold jewellery that are ideal presents for this occasion.

Gifts to Sister on Raksha Bandhan: Jewellery Gift Ideas

1. Slate Bracelet with a Bow Charm

Slate Bracelet with a Bow Charm

The slate bracelet with a bow is a perfect gift for your younger sister. You can customise it and get her name carved on it. It is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and is a fancy bracelet that can be paired with any Indian or western outfit.

2. Customised Name Bracelet with Butterfly Evil Eye and Angel

Customised Name Bracelet with Butterfly

This is one of the best gifts for Rakhi. You can gift your sister this bracelet that symbolises the love & bond between siblings. You can add extra meaning to the bracelet by customising it with their name. The butterfly evil eye will help keep the negativity away. The angel charm, on the other hand, will protect and guide your sister at all times.

3. Slate Bracelet with Butterfly Charm

Slate Bracelet with Butterfly Charm

A personalised gift always has a pleasant effect on the person who receives it. It also has more value than any other regular run-of-the-mill Rakhi gift for your sister. This 18-karat slate bracelet has a provision for customising it with your sister’s name. In addition, it has a butterfly charm that enhances the bracelet’s beauty, which can also be customised to include any other charm of your choice.

4. Evil Eye Initial Bracelet with a Wing

Evil Eye Initial Bracelet with a Wing

The brother-sister bond is the most valued bond. So, keep the evil eye away by gifting your sister this evil eye bracelet for Rakhi. This bracelet has an evil eye placed right at the heart of the bracelet. It also has an angel wing that will protect the love between the siblings. To make this bracelet more meaningful, you can have the initial of your names hanging along with the evil eye.

5. Beautiful Customised Adult Bracelets

Beautiful Customised Adult Bracelets

We are often very skeptical as to what should we gift to someone as close as our siblings, who need a special gift to make them feel loved. You might think of buying dresses, bags, shoes or some vouchers for them. But, how about if you gift them something made of gold that will last forever with memories ingrained into it? You can gift something like a gold chain, ring, earrings, anklet or bracelets. Check out these bracelets where you can customise and personalise them with your names. The charms hanging on them make them more uber-chic and trendy. You can gift your sister a bracelet that will suit her personality.

6. Evil Eye Bracelet with Black Beads

Evil Eye Bracelet with Black Beads

As kids, we have this memory of our grandmothers removing any bad energy or evil eye by tying a black thread around the wrist. Modernising this belief, this evil eye bracelet with black beads will help keep the negative energy and evil eye away. It is also said that black beads bring good luck. Along with the promise to protect your sister, you can gift her lots of good luck with this evil eye bracelet.

7. Vibrant Charm Pendants

Vibrant Charm Pendants

The brother-sister bond is always very close to the heart. Even if they are not together, the memories and love will always be with the siblings. What better gift than a pendant that will always be near the heart, reminding them of the special sibling bond? There are various options of pendants available as per requirement. You can select from a variety of designs like pendants with initials, characters, flowers, butterflies, or evil eyes. You can also personalise it with their name or initials or any quote close to your heart.

8. Slate Bracelet with Craved Angel Wings

Slate Bracelet with Craved Angel Wings

To gift an adult is a little bit easy, but when it comes to gifting something to a toddler, there are so many factors to be considered. It needs to be safe and of good quality. The kid should like it and wear it. This slate bracelet is ideal to gift to a toddler sister. It is made from gold, has a unique design and is very trendy. The angel wing motif on the bracelet is carved with gold and beautified with enamel colours. The cherry on top is that this slate bracelet can be customised according to the kid’s choice.

9. Customised Neckpieces For Kids and Adults

Customised Neckpieces For Kids and Adults

A simple chain with a pendant becomes very boring. But what if you can add the fun and trendy elements with these neckpieces? You can consider these unique designs of neckpieces. You have a variety of options like neckpieces with initials, flower motifs, evil eyes, hanging charms and bird motifs. You can also customise the neckpiece with your sisters’ names.

10. Slate Bracelet with Evil Eyes

Slate Bracelet with Evil Eyes

The evil eye we all know removes all dark energy. Imagine this evil eye in a bracelet with a dynamic slate design. It is a perfect gift option for your little sister to protect her from negativities.

Final Word

Gifting becomes like a cakewalk when you have various options that are all unique, trendy and liked by all. Celebrate brother-sister love this Raksha Bandhan by gifting the best jewellery that your sister will treasure forever.

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