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Top 9 Silver Rakhi’s For Boys and Girls

Top 9 Silver Rakhis For Boys And Girls

India celebrates various festivals such as Makar Sankranti, Baisakhi, Ganesh festival, Diwali, Navratri, New Year and many more with so much zeal and enthusiasm. Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated with the same excitement.

Each culture has its festivals throughout the year. But Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is celebrated by people of different cultures. It is the festival of siblings and symbolises unconditional love and the bond between the brother and the sister.

A] Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Have you ever thought about why sisters tie a rakhi? It is a sacred thread that a sister ties for good luck, love, happiness and success throughout the year. The brother also gifts to his sister as soon as she ties the rakhi. This works both ways.

Does this gift given by the brother have any meaning? Or is it just a barter system? The brother gives a promise to his sister in the form of gifts. The brother’s gift is a promise to protect his sister at all costs and wish her good luck and happiness. The word Raksha Bandhan itself means the bond of protection.

In some areas, not only the sister ties rakhi but aunts tie rakhis to their nephews or nieces to save them from the evil eye and wish them happiness and success. There are many rakhi designs such as simple threads, beads, stones, cloth rakhis, bracelets, bands etc. Let us explore various other exclusive options of rakhis.

B] Latest Silver Rakhi Designs For Boys and Girls

1) Evil Eye Rakhi Design:

Evil Eye Rakhi Design

As the name suggests, the evil eye rakhi keeps the negative energy away. Here are some evil eye rakhi designs you’ll find on our page.

  • The evil eye rakhi: A perfect minimalistic design for your child and can be worn throughout the year.
  • The shimmery butterfly evil eye rakhi design: This butterfly evil eye rakhi design is silver gold plated. The shimmer effect in the rakhi enhances its beauty, making it stand out on our child’s wrist.
  • The shimmery starfish evil eye rakhi design: This bracelet symbolises the love & bond between siblings and helps keep the negativity away. It will also protect and guide your sister at all times.

2) Superheroes Rakhi Design:

Superheroes Rakhi Design

When it is for young boys, the new, bestselling rakhi design has to be the superheroes rakhi. Boys love superheroes. They look up to the superheroes and make them their ideals. Just like superheroes protect everybody, brothers also promise the sisters to protect them for a lifetime. These rakhis have an adjustable strap which fits various wrist sizes. The most trending superhero rakhis are Spiderman, Captain America and superman. All these rakhis are made from silver and have a good quality of enamel over them.

3) OM Rakhi Design:

OM Rakhi Design

Rakhis are considered very pious and are compared to a sacred thread. Thinking of a better way to represent the sacred thread? Our OM rakhi has an evil eye situated on the top, giving it an attractive look. This rakhi can also be worn post the festival. Along with being adjustable, the straps also come in different colours – pink, purple and black.

4) Vintage Car-themed Rakhi Design:

Vintage Car-themed Rakhi Design

It’s well-known that boys and girls love cars. These vintage car design rakhis are very unique and a favourite. These silver rakhis come in three colours, red, blue & yellow. Even the straps are adjustable, making it easy for a child and adult to wear this rakhi.

5) Animal-themed Rakhi Design:

 Animal-themed Rakhi Design

Make rakhis interesting with an animal motif in the centre. Nature lovers or pet lover brothers will adore this rakhi design.

  • The unicorn design rakhis will adorn your baby girl’s wrist and can even be worn as a bracelet post the festival.
  • The lion design rakhi is best suited for the toughest brother who looks after their siblings like a king looks after his people.

6) Hamsa Hand Silver Rakhi Design:

Hamsa Hand Silver Rakhi Design

The Hamsa hand represents fertility. You can tie this hamsa hand rakhi to a newly wedded brother or someone planning to start a family. Hamsa’s hand brings them good luck and protects them from negative energy. This rakhi has a hamsa hand shape with an evil eye right in the centre and is made of silver.

7) Anchor Rakhi Design:

Anchor Rakhi Design

Siblings are best friends and are like home to each other. They always have each other’s backs and are the first people to go to when in trouble. Siblings are like anchors in our lives. They give stability and strength. Similarly, this anchor rakhi represents the stability and importance of the siblings in each other’s lives.

8) Initials Rakhi Design:

Initials Rakhi Design

Rakhi designs are usually very generic. To create a unique design and give a personal touch, opt for rakhis with name initials. The crown makes the initial rakhi feel like trendy royalty. These rakhis have an adjustable strap that makes it very comfortable for the brothers to wear them.

Note: The alphabets available are – A, R, Y, N, D, S, K.

9) Football Rakhi Design in Silver:

Football Rakhi Design in Silver

Boys have an immense inclination towards sports. This football rakhi is a perfect rakhi for boys who love sports. This football rakhi made of silver is apt, not only for young boys but also for older brothers and adults who love sports, especially football. The enamel work on the rakhi makes it more attractive.

Final Note:

The rakhi design you select reflects the personality of your siblings. No matter how simple the design is or how expensive the rakhi is, it cannot match up with the love and bond shared between the siblings. These silver rakhis are created by skilled artisans and come in various designs. Thus you can find a perfect sacred thread for your sibling this festive season. As kid’s silver jewellery can get tarnished, check out our blog for some tips on how to prevent damage and maintain its shine.

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