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Top 10 Stunning Necklace Designs for Girls


Buying jewellery for girls is never easy. Each girl has her own choice, style and taste. To add on, jewellery trends tend to change with each new season, which makes selecting the perfect ‘forever’ gift all the more difficult. If you want to gift your child a stunning necklace on her birthday or to commemorate a special occasion, then you need to do a bit of research simply because there is a wide range of options available.

When it comes to necklace designs for girls, you need to begin with choosing the right metal – gold, silver, rose gold, etc. You also need to select the chain type – bead, mesh, rolo, rope, cable, etc. Next is the length of the chain followed by the style – gemstone necklace, pearl strand necklace, personalised name necklace, pendant necklace, charm necklace, among others.

Buying gold jewellery for kids is not only a precious keepsake, but it is also an investment for their future. Thus, if you are searching for a beautiful necklace for girls online in India, then here are some fun, eye-catching and luxurious necklace designs that you can purchase right now at Doodles!

Stunning Necklace Designs for Girls

Here is a list of the popular necklace designs that’ll help you to find the ultimate one for your little girl.

1. Love Heart Neckpieces:

Hearts are a symbol of love and is often used to express one’s love for another. Heart-shaped neckpieces are simple yet elegant and ideal for everyday use. They go with not only traditional attires but also western outfits. They are also one of the most popular designs in the chain/neckpiece segment, which makes them a great gift for all occasions.

2. Personalised Name Necklaces:

Personalised Name Necklaces

Necklaces with your kid’s name on them can be a very distinctive and special gift. Just like everyone’s name is unique, likewise, personalised name necklace made for them are also exclusive. This necklace design is always on-trend and fashionable and can be an excellent gift for your little girl which she can wear even when she grows up. Girl necklaces with name are crafted from 18kt gold, which makes them more durable yet lightweight and perfectly suitable for toddlers, teenagers as well as young adults.

3. Alphabet-style Necklaces:

Alphabet style Necklaces

This necklace style includes an intricate design that makes it one-of-a-kind with the right customisation. Available from A to Z, these necklaces can be personalised by adding fun elements such as princess crown, evil-eye, heart, among others. This customisation can make even the simplest necklace more glorious and adorable. Part sentimental and part chic, this necklace style has a timeless appeal and can be as simple or chunky as you want as per your child’s unique style.

4. Hand-written Necklaces:

Another thoughtful gift to give your loved ones, you can now turn your handwritten messages into a necklace. Amazing, isn’t it? It can be a name or any word to describe them, which we will transform into a neckpiece. This necklace design is an incredible keepsake like no other. At Doodles, we take great efforts while copying your handwriting on gold to make sure that it remains original and doesn’t lose its dazzle.

5. Engraved Neckpieces:

While not a new type of necklace design for girls, here you can engrave your kid’s name on the necklace to give it a wondrous look. You can choose different patterns such as a heart or a bar to have your message engraved in it. These type of designs are a part of luxurious necklaces that you can add to your or your kid’s collection. These necklaces are intimate and will look stunning with anything you wear i.e they can be used for everyday use.

6. Princess-theme Necklaces:

Princess theme Necklaces

Give her a gift that she deserves with these gold princess-themed necklaces that will surely enchant her. Crown necklaces are extremely spectacular and will look phenomenal when worn by your little princess. With the colour of your choice, you could also add your kid’s name/alphabet or any other intricate pattern to make the necklace more adorable for your little girl. This necklace is a splendid gift idea for occasions such as birthdays, special events, milestones, etc.

7. Teddy bear Necklaces:

Teddy bears are special to every kid. They are soft & fluffy and kids love to cuddle and carry them everywhere. Inspired by these sentiments, we design exquisite teddy bear necklaces for girls which are bound to give them immense joy. Crafted to perfection, teddy bear neckpieces can be simple or adorned with diamonds and/or include any enamel colour of your choice.

8. Zodiac-sign Necklaces:

These celestial show-stopper jewellery piece is often associated with charm and can bring good luck to the wearer. Zodiac-sign or constellation necklace for girls is available in all 12 signs and can be personalised to include your child’s name or alphabet. Each necklace is made with utmost precision and they make a quintessential gift not only for kids but also adults or you can gift yourself too!

9. Double chain Neckpieces:

Double chain Neckpieces

While single-chain neckpieces are common, double chain neckpieces are the latest fashion accessory which is absolutely classy. Mostly worn by teenage girls, layered chains are high on demand. They can be further customised to include a variety of pendants and the chain length can be shortened/lengthen based on your requirement. Inspired by contemporary lifestyle, this necklace for teenage girls is suitable for all occasions and will give them an edgy look.

10. Charm Necklaces:

A charm necklace helps keep the evil eye away from your kids, which makes it an exceptional gift for newborn babies. Made from gold, they are lead and nickel-free, which makes them skin-friendly and can be worn every day. Most charm necklaces come with black beads and a mother of pearl stone to protect your kid from the evil eye. You can also customise it by adding your kid’s name and floral or animal motifs so that your kids love it at first sight.

#Final Word

Even though necklaces have been part of our culture for years their designs keep upgrading to include recent trends. It can be tricky to choose between so many options and a lot of times these common designs may not impress you enough. This is why customised jewellery for kids tops the chart online.

  • When buying necklaces for teenage girls online ensure that they are not too tight or too loose, especially if they are going to wear them daily.
  • You can choose a minimalist style necklace or pick a colourful and vibrant necklace based on your child’s age and style.
  • Also, while selecting the latest trend might seem like a great idea, it is better to choose a design or pattern that your kid can wear always, so you don’t have to worry about the design going out of style.

A high-quality necklace for girls in gold with a dainty, elegant and/or quirky design is a popular choice amongst most parents. Also, thanks to custom-made jewellery, you can give traditional gold jewellery a vibrant twist with colourful enamel, edgy designs and styles. In short, you are gifting a jewellery piece to your kid that closely resembles their fashion style and personality.

So, wait no longer and make a purchase today! And if you have a query about any of our products, get in touch with us for more information.

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