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10+ Unique and Personalised Gold Pendant Designs For Kids

Unique Gold Pendant Designs For Kids

Pendants are a popular jewellery gift item for kids as they can be paired with chains. But when it comes to gold pendant designs, there are not many options available, which is the reason why personalised pendants for kids is the best choice.

At Doodles, we are committed to making customise jewellery special and memorable for you and your kids. We use 18kt gold to make lightweight yet durable jewellery for kids so that they can wear it daily. We also take into consideration your choices and ideas as gifting your kids hold great importance.

Mentioned below are a few adorable pendant designs that you can choose and personalise according to your kid’s style.

Top Gold Pendant Designs For Kids

It can be tricky to choose a spectacular pendant design for your kids if you are not aware of the latest trends. Thus, to make your task easier, here is a list of some exceptional gold pendant designs that are quite popular among kids as well as youngsters.

1. Unicorn Pendants For Kids:

little unicorn

Magical, dazzling and remarkable, unicorn pendants are highly favoured by kids. Unicorn is said to represent joy and positivity, which makes it one of the best gift ideas for newborn babies. They are well-suited for daily and casual wear and is a beautiful ornament that lends a spark of quirk to simple chains.

2. Forever Heart Pendants:

Hearts are forever and always in fashion, plus they symbolise love and compassion. Gifting your kids this pendant conveys that you love them and will protect them forever. The forever heart pendant can be worn by kids well into adulthood, which makes it the most practical gift item on this list. The heart pendant is also very stylish and will never go out of style. Moreover, they are a common type of pendant design that goes well with every type of chain.

3. Kids Alphabet Pendants:

customised birdie

Pendants with alphabets representing the person’s initials are a wonderful gift option. Even though they don’t have any intricate designs, they are exclusive and available in every alphabet. These alphabet pendants can also include added fun elements such as a star, tiny tags and colourful enamel. An alphabet pendant can be simple and made in plain gold or it can have an elaborate style including diamonds. These types of pendants are very common and famous among kids.

4. Hello Kitty Pendants:

Hello Kitties have always been in fashion as little girls are very fond of it. They can be found everywhere from wallpapers to bedroom décor to jewellery. For the uninitiated, Hello Kitty features a cat with a big face and a sweet bow on top of her head. So, if you are looking for a cutesy gold pendant design for your daughter or niece, then buy this pendant as it has a fun and whimsical feel to it.

5. Name Pendants:

Another customise jewellery option for kids, name pendants are special and distinctive. They signify your love for your child and is an inspirational gift that can be further personalised to include crown/princess design, evil-eye or heart. These adorable pendants are an ideal gift option for all occasions – be it birthdays, naming ceremonies, festivals, among others. What’s more, they can be worn daily and are notably popular not only among kids but adults as well.

6. Superhero-styled Pendants:

Boys tend to get picky when it comes to jewellery, so what’s better than personalising it with their favourite superhero character. Give them their fan moment in the form of a striking gold pendant that they’ll surely love to flaunt. These types of pendants go well with western outfits giving them a dapper look. Whether it is superman or batman or any other superhero, we can help you customise your child’s idea making it a memorable gift.

7. Moon and Star Pendants:

These dreamy and resplendent gold pendants are an exceptional choice that is suitable for both girls and boys. It will give your kids an edgy and regal look. The crescent or the half-moon with a single star represents light and hope and is very symbolic. So, purchase this moon and star pendant for your kids to make them feel closer to the sky.

8. Cartoon-themed Pendants:

Who doesn’t love cartoons? And, if your child has a favourite cartoon character that they simply adore, then you can’t go wrong with cartoon-themed pendants. There is nothing better than gifting your child something special that will bring a smile to their face each time they look at it. This pendant design can be crafted as per your specification, and it can include a simple chain for a perfectly balanced look.

9. Princess Pendants For Girls:

name with crown

Princess pendants are the perfect gift for your little girl as they come in a crown-shaped design that will look stunning and precious around her neck. Princess gold pendants give your kid a royal yet vibrant look and it’s befitting for all occasions. Gifting your little princess a crown-shaped pendant in her favourite colour can be the most impressive gift that will delight her to no end. These pendants are also a combination of meaningful sentiment and trendy, which makes them one of the top gift choices when it comes to kids pendant.

10. Blossom Pendants For Toddlers:

A pleasant aura always surrounds a blossom pendant, which gives it an elegant look. Colourful and bright, blossom pendants are an amazing gift choice for kids. Crafted in gold with different colour enamel, this pendant will stand out and make your child shine. Most importantly, blossom pendants are available in a variety of styles, designs and colours so you can take your pick and choose the best.

11. Animal Figurine Pendants:

Little Penguin

Pendants in the shape of a cute fluffy animal or a bird is a great choice as they are appealing and suitable for kids. Animals such as penguins, sparrows, bears, panda, unicorn etc look adorable as pendants. They are bold and stylish making them the most fashionable accessory that is also cute. The best part, you can add alphabets to the animal figurine pendants, which makes it the ultimate versatile gift for a kid; apt for all occasions.

12. Emoji-styled Pendants:

This unique pendant design is a new age invention, inspired by the high usage of emojis. Kids nowadays have great knowledge of technology and what would be best than giving them something that they can relate to in the form of gold jewellery. These emoji-styled pendants are available in a variety of options – smiley face, the heart eyes emoji or the laughing face and can be personalised according to your choice of colour.


Pendants are a magnificent gift idea as they are versatile and loved by both – girls and boys alike.

With the new trendy gold pendant designs such as emoji-styled pendants and superhero-themed pendants, kids can express themselves and assert their choices. Whereas, if you want to stick to classic gold pendant designs, then forever heart pendants, blossom pendants and name pendants for kids is an ideal choice. For a lively and colourful option, check out the animal figurine pendants, cartoon-themed pendants, unicorn pendants and alphabet pendants with a letter. These can be customised as per your needs.

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