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Why Choose Gold Pendants for Kids: 5 Reasons

Why Choose Gold Pendants For Kids 5 Reasons

A baby’s birth is a joyful moment that brings merriment and happiness to the family. Gifting gold to a newborn baby is not only auspicious but also a precious investment for the infant’s future. Moreover, gold jewellery like pendants and kadas are a valuable heirloom that can be cherished by kids and passed on to future generations.

Gold has religious and spiritual significance attached to it. In India, gold jewellery is frequently gifted and expected to be worn by infants. Gold jewellery for kids is symbolic of the Indian culture and is believed to bestow protection and bring good luck & health to the child.

Gold pendants have gained quite the hype as accessories to be worn by kids. But is it worth investing? Let’s take a look at why gold pendants or personalised gold pendants are the perfect gifts for kids.

A] How do pendants act as the perfect gift for kids?

Multiple styles:

When it comes to gold pendants, there are plenty of designs, from simple and classic to elegant. You can pick from a variety of cartoon characters, enamel, gemstones and animals to personalised name pendants and other customised options. You can also buy more than one, as different gold pendants can be paired with a simple gold chain as per the occasion.


There is no better way to express your personality than with fashion and jewellery, and the same goes for children as well. So, let your child express their evolving character and style with a gold pendant that resonates with their playful personality. Our website has pendants for various age groups of children, so browse through them and make a purchase today!

Available in multiple budget categories:

Just because it’s gold, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Gold pendants for kids at Doodles by Purvi are available in multiple budget categories. These are pendants with special meanings available in various pendant styles, so pick your favourite according to your budget.

B] Reasons why gold pendants are ideal for kids

Safe and hassle-free jewellery:

Unlike other metals or materials used for making pendants, gold is the safest metal for kids. It is hypoallergenic and prevents allergic reactions. Also, it is easy to care for and maintain. Hence, it is a piece of safe and hassle-free jewellery for kids, which makes it the perfect gift.

Pair it with a gold chain:

Simple chains such as cable, Figaro, curb, wheat, and box chains are all great options for pendant necklaces. Pairing pendants with gold chains make up for minimalistic looks, and they go well with most outfits. However, for kids, choosing the perfect chain with the ideal thickness and length is important.


Indians believe that gold has the power to purify anything it touches. They are also considered a sign of power and wealth. Apart from that, gold pendants symbolise good health, prosperity, and femininity, which makes them a representation of our tradition and culture.

Status Symbol:

Although the price of gold can be volatile in the short-term, it has always maintained its value over the long-term. This is why it is considered a status symbol. Also, throughout the years, gold pendants have served as a hedge against inflation, making it an investment worth considering.


Gold is known to be one of the most durable metals and for a good reason because of its resistance to the effect of external elements such as weather conditions. Gold pendants will not tarnish or rust and are the most corrosion-proof and oxidation-resistant form of jewellery.

C] Best Gold Pendant Designs for Kids

Choosing the best pendant designs for kids is no easy task, so we have narrowed down the choice to our top personalised pendant designs. Take a look and buy now!

  • Personalised name pendant

  • Personalised name pendant

    Celebrate the most priceless occasion of your baby’s life by gifting them this beautiful pendant with their name crafted in pretty little gold letters. What better way to commemorate a birthday than a crown for your adorable little king or queen? It is a highly customisable crown name pendant that will add a touch of spark to your child’s individuality.

  • Hand and Feet Impression pendants

  • Hand and Feet Impression pendants

    Doodles by Purvi’s hand and feet impression pendants allow you to add a very high level of customisation to your little one’s jewellery. We can take a print of your child’s hands and feet and put them on gold jewellery to immortalise the special moment in their lives to form a long-lasting keepsake.

  • Cute animal personalise pendants

  • Cute animal personalise pendants

    What child would not love to wear a cute little elephant charm around their neck? Artisans at Doodles by Purvi have outdone themselves with this adorable little elephant pendant. The little elephant painted in white and pink is wearing a gold crown befitting his stature. Indulge in your little one’s love for elephants by gifting him this precious little pendant.

  • Moon cloud gold pendant

  • Moon cloud gold pendant

    The moon cloud gold pendant is a part of our newest trending spectacular pendant collection. This moon-inspired jewellery is one of our best-sellers. As the moon lies lovingly in the arms of the cloud, this pendant is designed for kids who love to hear stories. Crafted with lots of love, our designs are unique & durable and the perfect gift for children.


Think of gold pendants as statement accessories, something that stands out and catches the eye of others instantly. Hence, these make for the ideal gift for kids. In the Indian culture, pendants are considered objects of spiritual value. Doodles by Purvi combines tradition with aesthetic charms to make the most perfect jewellery for kids that stands the test of time.

Have your own unique pendant designs that you want us to create for your little one? Send us your designs, and we will make your artistic dream a reality. For more information, get in touch with us.

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