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Guide to Buying Children’s Jewellery

Guide to Buying Childrens Jewellery

Children jewellery trends have picked-up with times, which has led to an increase in the demand for children’s gold jewellery. Kids today can pull off any jewellery with style and elegance. Also, while earlier options were limited, today, you can get customized jewellery for kids at reasonable prices.

Most parents purchase children’s gold jewellery as a one-time investment since gold is an asset. Plus, not only young children but gold jewellery is also a great gifting option for newborns, as gifting gold jewellery to a newborn baby is considered auspicious. Plus, gold jewellery is considered a valuable heirloom, which is passed from one generation to another.

A] Why Gold Jewellery is the Best Gift for Children?

Before the modern era, many civilizations celebrated the practice of gifting newborn babies gold jewellery. This was not only for decorative purposes but also to protect the babies against evil spirits.

Small children were gifted with different jewellery options on special occasions like birthday, festivals etc. Even today, gold jewellery is the best gift option for toddlers, which is why there are different design options available for baby’s gold jewellery in earrings and bracelets.

A baby’s birth is always a moment to cherish, so gifting of gold jewellery is like a remembrance for the whole family. Gold jewellery also has a considerable religious and spiritual significance attached to it.
For example, Nazariyas bracelets are gifted to babies in India to ward off evil. It is also believed that gold jewellery brings good health and good luck to the newborn.

Any traditional ceremony is incomplete without gold as a gift in India. Gold jewellery is also considered auspicious for fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Customized gold jewellery will not only make your kid happy, but it will also give you a sense of contentment.

Glittering gold jewellery options are the best gifting option for newborns and babies. Your little ones deserve a spectacular welcome, so what is more befitting than gold jewellery?

From baby boy gold jewellery to baby girl gold jewellery, there are many options, so choose depending on your personal preference.

B] What is the Right Age For Babies to Wear Jewellery?

Deciding on the right age for jewellery is difficult, as you have jewellery available for infants as well. Most people invest in baby’s jewellery compared to younger children. If your girl child is six years old, you can buy a diamond or gold jewellery earring or studs for her. But this also depends on how responsible your little girl is.

Most parents believe that its best to pierce the ears of the baby when they are small, as there is less pain involved. Most parents also make a baby wear small strings of gold in the pierced-ear, which again depends on customs and traditions.

Children as young as ten years have demonstrated responsibility for wearing gold jewellery. You can gift your little girl or boy, jewellery made of gold, silver, or diamond. Girls mostly prefer small necklaces, chains, and earrings. They also love to flaunt bracelets.

Young boys love to flaunt designer gold bracelets, so it is an ideal choice for them. There is also customized jewellery that you can choose to make your kids feel special.

C] Sizing Recommendations When Choosing Children’s Jewellery

There are different styles and sizes available for kids jewellery online, which makes it difficult to pick the right size? Your kids won’t be able to wear the jewellery if the size is not proper. The right size also makes all the difference in comfort. If the size is big or too small, then it can cause harm to your little one, especially infants. Also, when it comes to rings, the right size matters the most. Plus, if the design is customized, then you can’t go wrong with the size.


  • Locket Size  – Locket size is standard in most kids’ jewellery pieces. While the measurement for a locket is around 14 to 16 inches, it also depends on the type of locket you choose. If it is a customized gold pendant/locket, then measurement may depend on the words or alphabets.Locket size should be small to medium if the kids are small. Longer lockets can be a hassle to manage, so you should choose a size that is apt for your little princess or younger boy. The size of the locket also depends on the trendy design you choose.
  • Ring Size  – Coming to the ring size, it generally depends on the thickness of the fingers. The most popular sizes range from 44 to 53.44, and 46 is the ideal choice for younger girls. For gifting purposes, it is important to keep the ring size bigger. If it does not fit, then it can be used later. It is advisable to buy rings after the age of three to four for girls.
  • Bracelet Size  – An ideal bracelet size should be between 5 to 6 inches. But this also depends on the kind of bracelet you choose, how tiny the hand is etc. It is important to choose kids bracelets with adjustable straps so that it is easy to wear later as well. For teenage kids, the ideal size can go above 7 inches.
  • Pick the best one- Once you figure out the best jewellery style for your kids, its time to look into safety. Jewellery should be safe when worn, or else it may hurt your little ones. Always take into account occasions when you buy exclusive gold jewellery for young boys and girls.So, what are you wait for? Shop now for the best jewellery for your kids and make them super happy!

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