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How to Choose the Best Pendant Designs for Baby Girls?

How To Choose The Best Pendant Designs For Baby Girls

A pendant serves as the perfect gift for baby girls, one that can last a lifetime. Gold jewellery is a way to welcome babies into the family, an expression of love and protection from family members. Moreover, gold jewellery for kids is a lifetime memory as well.

A pendant’s purpose is to highlight your baby girl’s neckline and add beauty to their attires. Pendants can add a touch of elegance to your little girl while adding to their personality and outfits. But choosing jewellery for baby girls, one that compliments them, can be a tedious task. Thus, this blog will guide you yo make the best decision when choosing pendant designs for baby girls.

A] Why do gold pendants make the best gifts for baby girls?

The radiance of gold resonates with the illumination of the solar light. The shining hues of gold signify love and good health, and that is why gifting gold pendants to baby girls is considered auspicious. It is through gold-based pendants and other newborn gold jewelry that elders shower good health, clarity and wisdom on their little angels.

Moreover, pendants make the best gifts for baby girls from a perspective wherein the girls will grow up to be beautiful women, still carrying the love and affection of their family in the form of a pendant.

B] How to choose the best pendant design for baby girls?

When it comes to selecting the best pendant designs for baby girls, there are certain key factors to be considered. Doing so will narrow your search to a few options, and you can make a better decision without any hassle.

  • Choosing the right style

Choosing the right style and size of pendant design is extremely important given it is a precious gift that will stay with your little girl throughout her life. There are multiple styles when it comes to pendant designs, but it is better to start by choosing between large and small pendants first.

A large gold pendant is eye-catching because it becomes the center point of the overall look. Hence, pairing a large pendant with a simple outfit is the best choice for little girls who love vibrant and beautiful jewellery. Ensure to buy a sturdy chain when choosing a large pendant, or even better,choose a big pendant necklace, which they are bound to love and adorn.

A small necklace pendant with a dainty gold chain is also a popular option for baby girls. While a large pendant can help them make a fashion statement, a small pendant is an everyday jewellery, ideal for casual and formal wear. Small pendants can be customised and look extremely cute and trendy in the long run.

  • Choosing the perfect length

The first thought that comes to mind when choosing a pendant is what is a good size for a pendant? And what is the perfect chain length? In order to pick the perfect length of the necklace/chain of the pendant, you will need to consider the design and the pendant size. Hence, select a chain with a width and thickness that accommodates the pendant. Additionally, ensure that the end ring of the necklace or chain will fit through the pendant.

  • Choosing the occasion

With a range of gold pendants for kids, you can easily find one that best suits your baby girl for a specific occasion. If none of the pendant designs looks appealing, worry not, as you can buy a custom pendant that your little angel would surely adore. You can also opt for pendant designs that can be worn at all times, regardless of specific occasions.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pendant designs for baby girls.

C] Best pendant designs for baby girls

  • Pendants with butterfly designs

Personalised name pendant

This gold pendant for baby girls features a delicately crafted butterfly. The pink enamel colour of the butterfly can be customised to include your child’s favourite colour. This pink butterfly pendant is an example of the finest jewellery. Crafted from 18kt gold, you can pair this pendant with a simple gold chain for a minimalistic look.

  • Pendants with bird designs

Simplistic beauty that is sure to enchant your little one, buy this birdie pendant design that features pink and blue enamel. Your baby girl can wear this pendant when she grows up too. This makes it a piece of timeless jewellery that they’ll cherish for years to come. What’s more, you can personalise the colour of this pendant design as per needs.

  • Pendants with initials/names

Personalised name pendant

This is one pendant design that will never go out of style. Elegant, beautiful and utterly charming, a name pendant for kids is probably the first gift choice for all. They are versatile, and as a keepsake, they can be worn as a piece of casual jewellery for a lifetime. This pendant design comes with a pink crown charm, which can be customised. So, wait no longer and buy this cute little name pendant today.

  • Evil eye pendants

Evil eye pendants

One of the most popular gifts for newborn babies, you can’t go wrong with nazariya jewellery for kids. This evil-eye pendant will protect your child from negative energies and keep her safe at all times. The pendant features an evil eye and is surrounded by tiny diamonds, giving it a sparkling look. The best part, as a piece of everyday wear jewellery, this evil eye pendant is lightweight yet durable.


A pendant is a piece of independent jewellery that can be paired with a chain or matched with accessories like earrings and bracelets. Pendants are an excellent gift option for baby girls. Doodle by Purvi’s hand-picked collection of customised gold pendants is unique and will give your little angel a personal style. Browse through pendant designs on our portal right away and take your pick from the most unique, edgy, and colourful pendants for baby girls.

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