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Gold Kada Design: Best Kada Designs for Baby Boys

Gold Kada Design Best Kada Designs For Baby Boys

Kadas are to baby boys what pendants and bracelets are to baby girls. They have immense religious, astrological, and medicinal benefits, which is why they are the best gifts for baby boys. Kadas are mainly made of iron, silver and gold, and each of these metals has a special significance. For instance, gold kadas signify strength and power. They represent that one can fight against all wrongs and stand just as indifferently as gold does. They are also often linked with symbols of supreme power.

A] Why Kadas are one of the best gifts for baby boys?

Gold kada designs are one of the best gifts for baby boys because they are known to drive negative energy away from babies. They also increase positive and divine energy around them. A lot of care is taken when making one at Doodles by Purvi so that the Gold Kada designs are extremely comfortable for baby boys. Moreover, the kada has soft edges, so it won’t hurt or harm your child.

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B] How wearing a Kada helps your baby boy?

While we have already established why gold kada designs are one of the best gifts for a baby boy, it is important to know the benefits it renders and the advantages your little boy can avail of by wearing a kada.

  • Calmness and spiritual power: According to Vedic astrology, gold metal helps people calm down and worship with ease when it comes to meditation or worshipping a deity. Hence, it acts as a medium to provide calmness and harnesses spiritual powers, which will be beneficial for your little prince.
  • Cultural importance: Many Indian cultures, like Sikhism, emphasize the Gold Kada. The gold kada fulfils the religious principles of Sikhism. Moreover, it becomes easier to use it as an investment in the long run. Gold kadas represent Indian culture and heritage. They can be seen on almost every male’s hand and thus must adorn your little one’s hands as well.
  • Astrological importance: Though there are several astrology benefits of wearing a gold kada, some astrological signs must consult with an astrologer before wearing one. Gold kada can pull in abundant good karma and success. A gold kada can assimilate vitality and warmth and diminish the toxins in the body. You may learn more about the different standards of wearing gold jewellery before buying a gold kada for your baby boy.
  • Medicinal benefits: For a long time, gold was only considered a status symbol and a good investment. But did you know that gold also possesses profound forces that can bring satisfaction, harmony, and security to anyone who wears it?

Gold kadas open the crown chakra and are helpful to all who wears them. They have defensive properties and expels toxins from the body. Now, who won’t want this benefit for their baby boy?

By putting on a gold kada in the correct hand, one can draw in divine awareness. Divine energy is accentuated and discharged from the gold Kada, resulting in rendering medicinal benefits and removal of toxins.

  • Regulates body temperature: The ancient medical science of Ayurveda has deemed gold metal as the metal that absorbs body heat. This means a gold Kada will help your baby boy absorb the heat from the body and calm his mind and body.

When it comes to the excess heat in the body from the medical perspective, gold kadas and gold pendants are suggested to be worn. What’s better than making your baby boy wear a gold kada on his wrist to let him absorb the body heat and get his body to cool down?

C] Best Kada designs for baby boys

Doodles by Purvi combines the benefits and traditionalism of gold jewellery with new-age designs for kids, one that your baby boy can adorn on his precious little hands. Let’s take a look at some of the best Kada designs for baby boys.

  • Kada with initial:

Personalised name pendant

This is a fantastic gold kada for those seeking subtle elegance while looking for personalisation. This kada can feature your child’s initial along with this favourite colour. You can opt for a plain gold initial or choose the initial to be encrusted with cubic zirconias. The best part, this 18kt gold kada is highly adjustable.

  • Kada with hot air balloons: 

Kada with hot air balloons

The gold Kada with hot air balloons is the perfect gifting item for baby boys. Let your child fly high and feel cherished forever by gifting him this stunning kada. At Doodles by Purvi, this statement Kada is made in 22kt hallmarked gold and is adjustable by half an inch as well!

  • Kada with Feet designs:

Kada with Feet designs

A memento that will last for a lifetime, this Kada with feet designs are customisable. Crafted from 18kt gold, you can have your child’s feet impression immortalised in gold, so it stays with them forever. It also has a flower charm alongside the feet, which can be customised to include your favourite charm.

  • Animal Face Kada:

Animal Face Kada

This is an exceptional first birthday gift for little boys. This kada features the face of a lion in vibrant colours of orange, white, and yellow. These enamel colours are customisable, while the kada comes with an adjustable design. This gold kada is crafted from 18kt gold, and to make a set, you can pair this gold kada with matching lion kurta buttons.


At present, the symbol of a gold Kada, just like any other jewellery for that matter, has become more of a decorative aspect for the baby. New parents want to fulfil the customary requirements for making their baby boy wear a kada due to the traditional representation. But, at the same time, they want to ensure that the kada is also trendy. Doodles by Purvi fulfils this requirement by making gold kadas with beautiful, new-age designs for your baby boy to adorn.

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