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Best Jewellery Option to Enhance Your Baby’s Photo Session

Best Jewellery Option to Enhance Your Babys Photo Session

The primary motive behind a newborn photoshoot is to capture your child’s beautiful and breathtaking photos and frame them for eternity. These times are surely special and parents are often eager to capture every precious moment of their child’s growth. However, when and how to do a baby’s photoshoot can be tricky and confusing. Thus, here are a few things you should consider.

A. What is the Right Time For a Baby’s Photo Session?

The baby’s first year is very special and the photos clicked during this time are adorable and timeless. If looking for a professional photoshoot, it is advised to book your photographer long before the due date to make sure everything is organised.

  • After Two weeks: During this early week, it would take time for the baby to get accustomed to the new world, their feeding time, and sleeping hours. So, consider a shoot after the two weeks are completed as your baby wouldn’t get too fidgety and it wouldn’t overwhelm them. Plus, the photos will look super cute!
  • Within 2-3 months: Around this time, babies tend to get extremely cuddly. So be ready to take some pictures with you and the kid snuggling most delightfully.
  • Between 6-8 months: By this time, babies become very much aware of their surroundings and demand attention. So, the picture clicked during this time would turn out to be full of laughter and the cheekiest moments.

B. Best Jewellery Option For Baby’s Photo Session

Here are some options of jewellery for a toddlers photo session that you could choose from.

1. Earrings:


One of the most popular ornaments, earrings are probably the first jewellery your newborn would wear. From simple hoop earrings to radiant unicorn earrings, there are endless choices when it comes to earring designs. Also, most earrings are versatile and go with almost every outfit. Just make sure to use a safe metal while piercing as babies ears are sensitive and a wrong choice can cause allergy.

2. Bracelets:

They are easy to wear & remove and ideal for daily use and party wear. Bracelets are available in different sizes, can be customised according to your specifications right from the motif or charms added to it. You could even buy identical bracelets for you and your child to go for the popular ‘Twinning’ look.

3. Pendants:

Loved by all, pendants are yet another delicate and splendid option of gold jewellery for baby girl and boy. Children’s pendant often includes geometric designs or the classic forever heart. But to make your photo session more captivating, you should go for a custom-made pendant in the shape of your kid’s favourite cartoon, car, flower, superhero etc. These types of pendants worn with a simple gold chain will make your kids’ picture look amazing.

4. Collar Pins:

collar chain

Collar bars or collar pins are no doubt a stylish piece of jewellery for kids as well as adults. They’ll add a vibrant look to your kid’s shirt or kurta. If your theme for the photoshoot is traditional, then adding some customised collar chains to your toddler’s outfit will give it an overall royal look.

5. Lapel Pins/Brooches:


Always in fashion, brooches add an elegant look to formal suits as well as ethnic wear. Most lapel pins come with a colourful and radiant enamel that makes them stand out. It is one of the best baby jewellery options as it is easy to wear & remove and will give the child a distinctive look making it the perfect ornament for a photoshoot.

6. Customised Neckpieces:

These dainty neckpieces would look amazing on your little one. Customise it with their name in cursive or with your toddlers’ initials. You can also buy a personalised hand-written necklace. Necklaces are fuss-free toddler’s jewellery which you can pair with a matching pendant and earring. Plus, if you are looking for gold jewellery set for toddlers, then add a bracelet to it to make it a memorable gift.

7. Anklets:

Their tinkling sounds are not only melodious to hear but their intricate design will look attractive around your kids’ feet. You could easily get some jumping or bouncing shots of them with their anklets. This would not only make the picture enchanting but also help you click some fun candid photos.

8. Nazariya Bracelets:

This is a popular gold gift idea for a newborn baby. Nazariya bracelets are not only chic and trendy but they also help ward off evil eyes and negative energies, thus protecting your baby at all times. Moreover, contemporary nazariya bracelets can also include your child’s name as well as initials, which makes them a great choice for a professional shoot.

#Other Tips For a Professional Baby’s Photoshoot

  • Find a location: Look at an ideal location for the photoshoot. Most people prefer their own home. However, for best results, consider having your baby’s photo session at a studio or click pictures amid nature (in your garden), these would turn out to be really beautiful.
  • Find a theme: Selecting a theme is important while planning a professional photoshoot. This helps you decide on your location, backdrop, baby’s clothes, props (if any).
  • Pick the right outfits: Choosing the right outfit for the photoshoot is also vital. While most parents go all out when it comes to baby’s clothes, it is best to keep the attire simple to not overpower the child’s features. You could keep handy a variety of clothes such as frocks, jeans, jumpsuits, kurta or any other authentic outfits. Also, keep all the accessories, shoes, etc close by to save time searching for it later.
  • Props: Using different props is always the best idea to see how your baby reacts to different things. Add some toys, chocolates, flowers, etc to click stunning candid photos.
  • Make sure your kid is comfortable: Before the official photoshoot, make sure to feed your child and ensure that he/she is well-rested. This will help minimise any crankiness or irritability during the shoot allowing the photographer to capture photos without any trouble.
  • Talk to your baby: This is the best way to get your child animated during the photoshoot. Talk to your baby to get him/her more involved in the process. This will surely lead to impressive photos.

#To sum up

Mentioned above were just a few tips that would help you to carry out the professional photoshoot in a hassle-free manner.

  • Make sure not to overload your baby with jewellery and other accessories as it would make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Use minimal props as the star of the shoot is your baby and the photos will turn out to look more natural.

At Doodles, we offer customised gold jewellery for kids in the latest fashionable design. Our jewellery is made from 18kt gold and the enamel used are kid-friendly and would not cause any harm. The jewellery we offer are also lightweight yet durable and will be a forever symbol that represents your love for your child.

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