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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gold Bracelet for Your Baby

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Gold Bracelet For Your Baby 1

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your baby? Gold bracelets are trendy, affordable, and an excellent way to show your love for your child. Armed with just a few details about your little one—their wrist size, birthstone and whether they’re a boy or girl—we can suggest the ideal piece of gold jewelry that will be both comfortable and fashionable.

With so many options available, however, it can feel like an overwhelming process to find the right gold bracelet for your baby. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the perfect one.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gold Bracelet

There are a few crucial factors to keep in mind before you settle on a specific design.

A) Band width – As babies grow quickly, it’s important to select a bracelet that will grow with them. A thin band width will be more comfortable on a smaller wrist, while a thicker one will fit babies with larger hands.

B) Fit – Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the bracelet fits snuggly, but not tight. A looser fit is more comfortable and allows room for growth.

C) Design – You’ll also want to consider the design of the bracelet. Many babies like to chew, so a plainer design will be more appropriate. If you’d like to add some flair, however, you have plenty of options.

D) Metals – Materials are an important factor when picking a bracelet for your baby. Most pediatricians recommend a soft metal, like gold. Not only is it safe for babies, but it is also malleable, so it can grow with your child.

E) Stones – Finally, you’ll want to consider the stone that is featured in the design. Gemstones are particularly attractive in children’s jewelry because they come in so many colors. You can find a wide variety of beautiful stones, including: Aquamarine, Peridot, Amber, Topaz, Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald, Ruby, and many more.

How to Measure Your Baby’s Wrist

If you’re shopping for an infant, it’s best to measure their wrist at the widest point. This will ensure the bracelet will fit comfortably without being too tight. When your child is around three years old, you can re-measure their wrist, and select a bracelet that’s a little bit larger, as there will be more room for growth.

It’s important to note that, if you’re purchasing a bracelet for a toddler, you’ll want to take their wrist measurement at the narrowest point as there will be more room for growth.

If you have a newborn, there are a few ways to measure their wrist. You can do it by wrapping a piece of string around the wrist. Make sure it doesn’t fit too tight. Another option is to use a soft measuring tape, like the kind you would use to measure a child’s head.

Finding the Right Fit

The best way to find the right bracelet fit is to head to a local jewelry store and see what they have available. You can also shop online , as several sites offer free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. You’ll want to make sure the bracelet is not too tight or too loose. A looser fit will allow room for growth, while a tighter bracelet will not fall off, but may be uncomfortable.

Depending on the type of bracelet you select, you may have more options for adjusting the fit. You can try to squeeze the bracelet in to make it looser—but don’t do it too much or it may break. There are several options for making a bracelet looser. If it has a clasp, you can try to squeeze it open. If it has a sliding bead, you can try to slide the bracelet further up the arm.

Which Metal is Right for Your Baby?

For the most part, gold is the recommended metal for babies. It’s lightweight and soft enough to be comfortable to wear. However, some babies are sensitive to certain metals, so you should take this into consideration when selecting a bracelet.

If you’re shopping for a baby who is sensitive to metal, you may want to consider a bracelet made of stainless steel. If your baby is sensitive to both metals, there are also a few other options. You can find a non-metal bracelet made of wood, plastic or silicon. You can also find a gold bracelet plated with a different material, like stainless steel, to appease a metal sensitivity.

Which Stone Should You Pick?

The stone that is featured in the design of the bracelet is often the gem that corresponds with the baby’s birth month. If you have a preference for a particular stone, however, you can always pick a different one.

Diamond – Diamond is a lovely birthstone for babies born in May. This is a brilliant gift for a little girl who will love the sparkle and brightness of diamonds.

Emerald – Emerald is a beautiful birthstone for babies born in April. Emerald is a lush, verdant green hue that is rich and lovely, making it a fantastic choice for a baby girl.

Turquoise – Turquoise is a lovely birthstone for babies born in August. Turquoise is one of the most beautiful shades, making it a fantastic gift for a baby boy or girl.

Aquamarine – Aquamarine is a lovely birthstone for babies born in October. Aquamarine is a vibrant, clear blue hue that is beautiful for both boys and girls.

Topaz – Topaz is a lovely birthstone for babies born in January. Topaz is a bold, creamy yellow hue that is excellent for a baby boy or girl.

Peridot – Peridot is a lovely birthstone for babies born in March. Peridot is a vibrant, chartreuse green that is excellent for a baby girl.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the perfect piece of gold jewelry for your baby can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind, however, when you’re shopping for a baby bracelet.

You’ll want to select a bracelet that is durable and lightweight, and you’ll want to make sure it’s not too tight or too loose. You can also consider a baby’s birthstone when selecting a bracelet, or you can select a different stone.

You can also find a bracelet that will grow with your baby as they get older. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece of gold jewelry for your baby.

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